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Update: They have finally indicated that an additional R3.65 added to the fuel levy would have to be implemented as an alternative to tolling, thus bringing the fuel levy to R5.77 per liter. Only investment in people brings 'development'. The concept of a Pondoland Park is also mentioned in the final EIR for the N2 Toll road as a key mitigation measure against acknowledged environmentally unsustainable impacts of the proposed N2 on the PCE, as a result of high ecological impacts. In 2010, it seems, the idea of a dedicated road maintenance fund was put forward by S’bu Ndebele, transport minister at the time, although it seems the DA had been promoting the idea for some time before. Fax: 086 601 0381 Environmentalists are also concerned a portion of the road between Lusikisiki and Port Edward will bisect the Pondoland Centre of Endemism (PCE) sections of the proposed Wild Coast/Pondoland National Park. Residents may wait up to two months to hear if the department upholds its decision. The submissions have come from individuals, communities, businesses, About 18000 indirect jobs are expected to exist after the road was built. “Government has mandated them to do this.” Construction of the multi-billion rand N2 Wild Coast toll road was given the green light in January this year. Under these circumstances it is difficult to see how the concept of a ‘Pondoland Park’ can be named as a tool for ‘mitigations’ of negative impacts. This would not have required an extensive EIA and the work could have been completed by now. The mitigation measures outlines by the EIA , as well as the driving motivations as the various secondary proposals suggested as beneficiation, do not suggest that such prudence accompanies this proposal. Sanral’s project manager for the N2 Wild Coast Road Project, Craig McLachlan said the project holds significant socio-economic benefits for local communities, including an … Documents. Specialist studies into relocation, land claims and sacred sites also fall short. By ANDREW STONE Upgrading existing routes or routing the N2 out of the PCE will still provide the same regional socio -economic benefits without the accompanying risk of environmental degradation to the PCE which the proposed route risks. It defends these negative environmental impacts by claiming that economic benefits will outweigh ecological losses. The Ministry of Finance assigns less than 22% of the fuel levy to the purpose for which it was collected. Sanral further said that all necessary consultations were conducted and is following due process in developing the crucial N2 Wild Coast economic artery. The objection has been lodged by attorney Cormac Cullinan in response to previous submissions by the SA National Roads Agency (Sanral). Minister of Water & Environmental Affairs, Edna Molewa, has approved the controversial N2 tollroad through the environmentally sensitive Pondoland Centre of Endemism. Nevertheless, the Democratic Alliance has welcomed the reported decision by Ndebele to block plans to levy further tolls. However, it is also one of the poorest and would be well served by the development of a road system to encourage tourism and open up the region to economic opportunities. The recently adopted National Framework on Sustainable Development recognizes that without these measures, achieving stated social and economic development goals will be increasingly unlikely, as the effects of environmental degradation will increasingly erode the resources available for socio-economic development. During construction the road is expected to generate about 6800 direct and up to 21300 indirect jobs, with 900 of them permanent. The road would also bypass a number of small towns, including Bizana, Flagstaff and Kokstad. He responded positively at that time. The public consultation process is inadequate. But John Clarke of Sustaining the Wild Coast initiative raised concerns over current capacity to manage the road and environment effectively. Join the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (COGTA), in association with the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) for a webinar, unpacking and deliberating on themes critical to the DDM implementation | Register here: The results of two surveys conducted nationwide by the South African Geomatics Institute (SAGI) are the latest in a number of surveys conducted over the past year with Built Environment professionals in the private sector, that confirm how government is not doing enough to fast track development. ", "That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons that history has to teach. The entire road is in an existing road reserve area of which approximately 75 km is a greenfield site. Log into your account. This means that all subsequent ‘consultation’ has been geared toward finding justification for the proposal, rather than beginning from a base which first determined local need, and then proposed suitable infrastructure arising out of this. Instead of coming, Mr Macozoma has let his staff go ahead with road building preparations. NMA Effective Social Strategists (Pty) Ltd. "The Wild Coast communities who we represent and who live in these areas have clearly and repeatedly expressed their frustrations at the inadequacies of the public participation process and their opposition to the N2 toll road," said Cullinan. misleadingly characterises the project as a regional social development initiative, misleadingly assesses the benefits of secondary development, fails to assess the cumulative effects of mining and the toll road\. Richard Branson in his book – Screw Business As Usual – says: "We've a chance to take a shot at really working together to turn upside down the way we approach the challenges we are facing in the world and to look at them in a brand new, entrepreneurial way. There ... We have more information on the Contractor bidding on this Project, please Log in or Subscribe Now to Leads 2 Business today to find out more! Bishop Geoff Davies - 6 May 2010 The Wild Coast continues to be under threat from both the application to undertake sand dune mining and the N2 toll highway. Download Here: HSRC Research Report on Pondoland. Justifying a tolled highway on the basis of better access, without a preliminary investigation into what sort of access would bring most benefits and be most suitable for the social and ecological conditions of the area, borders on propagandizing and a case of ‘putting the cart before the horse’. “It is true that there have been discussions and we will continue to look at various funding models. Mon 1 Dec. Lusikisiki Teachers Training College 10 am -17.00 He inspires both businesses and individuals to embark on a whole new way of doing things, solving major problems and turning our work into something we both love and are proud of. -Aldous Huxley. Tues 18 Nov 10 am - 19h30 Amanzimtoti Civic Centre Councillor Tex Collins, of the DA, said because it was obvious the toll would not be good for residents and the province, the matter had transcended political boundaries. “There will be a consultation process, to be complete within the next three months, during which stakeholders, including communities, environmentalists and everyone who has ever raised issues about the development, will be consulted,” she said . this project is in the province of eastern cape in the district municipality of or tambo and the local municipality of ingquza hill. As of May 2019, a project had been opened to upgrade the surface of 15km of the Road DR08046, which is a portion of the Wild Coast Meander. How will our people benefit? It added: “Overall, it is considered that the potential social benefits of the proposed project, as assessed along the entire route, and if enhanced as recommended, would outweigh the potential negative impact. The N2 Wild Coast Road, which stretches 410km from the Gonubie Interchange in East London to the … From the "who do they think they're fooling" department: Daily Dispatch 2008/11/18 “The probable tolls listed in the report means that in this highly impoverished area, a road which is meant to benefit the local people, is going to cost (a driver) at least R70 between Ntafufu and Port Edward,” said Bishop Geoff Davies. “This road will further isolate the present commercial centres of Bizana, Flagstaff and Kokstad and will hardly benefit people in that region,” said Davies, who heads the Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute. There are also a number of public open days with EIA teams and Sanral representatives, starting from Monday. DWS is currently busy with phase 2 (+/- 100 crossings) which is being evaluated in terms of Section 40 of the NWA (licence application). - If ‘disturbance’ of the area is going to be confined solely to the road surface and road reserve, as the Minister suggests, then how is the road going to bring all the supposed secondary benefits and the ‘opening up for development’ of the region that the Minister sings lyrical about? South Africa’s ruling party is making a grave mistake if they think that they can continue on this path of reckless unaccountability in the face of the South Africa’s people. N2 Wildcoast Toll Project . Toll Project . The N2 Toll Road EIA points out that the proposed highway will result in substantial damage to the environment, particularly the extension through the ‘Greenfields’ section which traverses the Pondoland Centre of Plant Endemism. 3SMedia | Sep 2, 2020 | Bridges, Construction, News, Press Releases, Roads | 0 comments. To add injury to insult, it now wants to collect more than R1 000 000 per month from the Gauteng freeway users alone, to “cover the debt incurred to upgrade the Gauteng Freeways”. We believe strongly that the people of the Eastern Cape deserve the development of a road system which does not punish them with excessively high toll fees. The party’s KZN transport spokesman, Radley Keys, said he had introduced a motion in the provincial parliament eight years ago against further toll booths in KZN. It’s also relevant to note how SANRAL views depreciation of the assets under it’s control: Minister Peters also recently said that the backlog to fix South Africa’s roads is R197 billion. If the Park is no longer an option, then how will the adverse impacts of the ‘Greenfields’ section of the N2 be mitigated? Detailed information is available on the following websites: and (chapter 15 and the specialist assessment report contained in Appendix 12 of the Final Environmental Impact Report). He said Sanral welcomed government’s commitment to infrastructure spending, its backing of Sanral projects and its support for the principal of tolling. This was dismissed by the minister because the client was simply letting the prospective contractors know their requirements. A major concern addressed by numerous appeals was SANRAL's bias towards the new 75km section of road between Lusikisiki and Mzamba and against the upgrading of the existing R61. The Minister misses the point completely when he dismisses the issues around the “Greenfields” section as being insignificant when viewed from the perspective of the road as a whole. Comments must reach the offices of NMA by no later than Friday 9 January 2009 to be considered in compilation of the Final EIR. The South African National Roads Agency (Sanral) has awarded a R1.65 bllion tender for a new mega-bridge project on the Wild Coast. So if this is being planned, why is SANRAL forging ahead with its tolling regime? Many felt that the road’s route pointed to the underlying rationale behind the road was to facilitate the transport of the products of the controversial Pondoland dune mining proposal by an Australian junior mining company. This ‘Greenfields’ section is the only entirely new section of the road being proposed, with the rest of the road being an upgrade of existing road surface. Funding is always the big issue, but if the National Treasury tells us to build the road, we will build it.” It is questionable whether the N2, or a tolled route, is the most suitable infrastructure to provide needed improved access to isolated communities. We were told by the Department of Transport that it was not integral to their development plan. But they were told to come today 23 March to Komkhulu. The report recommends that a new study be conducted which takes into account social costs and uses updated financial assumptions. Not even Chief Ayanda Faku from the Royal AmaMpondo House of Qaukeni could get an answer from SANRAL regional office in PE, despite that the Queen of AmaMpondo planned to attend. “They are not against development, but they do not know what they gain from this,” he said. The "Terms of Reference for Environmental Consultant N2 Wild Coast Toll Road Project" (TOR) included a requirement that there must be "due consideration of alternative options and a strong motivation for excluding the R61 and current N2 as alternative options". The South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) says its making ‘steady progress’ in developing the multi-billion-rand N2 Wild Coast Road (N2WCR) project. M through its contracts. produces results. Mitigations for climate change make it essential that dependency on carbon producing private motor vehicle use is reduced in favour of greater public transport facilities ( such as rail) and regional development systems that are not dependent upon the extensive long distance road haulage of goods. Will OUTA, the DA, Cosatu, the EFF and others take on the Ministry of Finance and it’s sinister plot to double-tax us continuously? Wages and salaries to local population R 228,8 million, Income increase to local industry R 171,6 million, Retailers R 114,4 million Service providers R 57,2 million. It reveals that construction costs increased by 45% to 55% over the past eight years, pushing up the cost whereas the growth rate in the economy has declined dramatically. Frid 21 Nov. Qunu Nelson Mandela Museum 10 am-17.00 In reply to questions of whether the N2 was being planned as part of a broader spatial development plan, and how it would benefit the broader development objectives of the area, the Minister responded that the N2 was planned as part of the Wild Coast Spatial Development Initiative (WCSDI) intended to ‘unlock the development potential of the Eastern Cape’. They will have to pay toll fees when they travel this route after its upgrade. Kings in the area have voiced their unhappiness over the construction , calling it an invasion of natural land lush with natural flora, fauna and the site of the graves of their forefathers. Surely it is time to debunk this myth once and for all for the unmitigated rubbish that it is, and advance development proposals that improve the capacity of our natural systems to deliver ‘natural capital’ in support of human society, and thus enhance benefits to society as a whole, rather than insisting on development strategies that degrade our life-supporting systems? And in a classic sleight of hand, the honorable minister proves that the point is moot anyway because the condition was only raised in the TOR, but was never annexed to the contract binding the environmental consultants (CCA) to SANRAL, and can therefor be assumed to be non-binding. demonstrates inadequate consultation with IAPs. They did not come. More details can be found on the SWC website People from Amadiba inland were here with us on the coast today. Awesome SA is calling on South Africans who value and are proud of our country, to support the rural communities living on the Pondoland Wild Coast. It forms part of the N2 Wild Coast road project and is Sanral’s mega-bridge project at the Mtentu River. "In this case, the exceptional beauty of this coastline and the unique culture of the AmaMpondo, together with the unique ecosystems and plants endemic to the area, have combined to create an area of immense natural beauty which will be severely degraded by constructing the highway through it. N2 Wild Coast Toll Highway ... (19 crossings) of this project has been completed. This is according to lawyers representing communities on the Wild Coast who have lodged final legal objections to prevent the N2 Wild Coast toll road from going ahead. Construction on the stalled multibillion-rand N2 Wild Coast project is to resume on Monday when the contractor returns to the site. This week, advertisements appeared calling for public comment on a new EIA. If the government is truly serious about addressing issues of poverty alleviation and inequality in the rural areas of Eastern Cape, while paying more than lip service to environmental considerations, then they need to go back to the drawing board and rethink their concepts of sustainability and development, instead of trying to perpetuate a flawed and unsustainable development model based on inappropriate models of development thinking that were fashionable in the 90s’. This calls for the proposal to be considered within a broader socio –economic development plan, yet the proposal for the route has been developed in isolation of this. There is still no adequate justification for a tolled highway that alternatives would not meet, particularly in its routing through the ‘Greenfields’ section of the Pondoland Centre of Plant Endemism. S earch and rescue for threatened or protected flora species on the N2WCR’s Mtentu Bridge comprised site visits by botanists, traditional healers, an ecologist, and the project’s Environmental Monitoring Committee (EMC). January 29, 2009 press statement by SWC. Climate change, the collapse of vast sea fisheries, doubling of reactive nitrogen and tripling of phosphorous since 1960, mass conversion of biomes - primarily to agriculture, a 6th great extinction of species due to habitat loss, and declining genetic diversity are all symptoms of a belief in this myth. The party’s KZN transport spokesman, Radley Keys, said he had introduced a motion in the provincial parliament eight years ago against further toll booths in KZN. It sounds good and well, but a critical look shows these arguments to be misleading, highly contradictory, and totally oblivious to the realities at play in the region. The opening sentence of Tony Carnie’s recent opinion piece on the N2 Wild Coast road project can be nothing more than clickbait. Government’s Wild Coast Spatial Development Initiative (SDI) was undertaken in the mid 1990’s, which focused on a developmental strategy that could address poverty, create jobs and uplift communities of the impoverished Wild Coast area. The road will be 410km long from East London to Mtamvuna River on the border between the two provinces. This highlights the fact that the road is for the benefit of through traffic. Awards. The Minister presents his arguments as if the Toll road, and the supposed benefits it will bring, is the only option by which to bring ‘development’ to the region. N2 Wild Coast Toll Highway – Authorities Coordination Committee – Meeting No. The road reserve here will be 80 m wide; the road prism will generally vary between 20 and 50 m and the surfaced width will be 12,5 m. Thus, an area approximately 94 ha out of a total area of 600 ha (greenfield site) will be disturbed – i.e. This is a “small” price to pay for the upliftment of the people living in an underdeveloped part of South Africa. It also found that once the road was operational, economic income would be improved and sectors such as agriculture, forestry, manufacturing, construction and trade and tourism would enjoy increased income. They had also vigorously resisted the mining of a 23km strip of land in Xolobeni, with threats to go to court to stop it with a human rights body joining in the fray. We hope to send you further information shortly. SWC works with Wild Coast communities to find sustainable solutions that improve local livelihood prospects, while respecting local cultural traditions and maintaining the wealth of natural biodiversity and unique ‘sense of place’ that the Wild Coast is re-known for. “Based on my experience our current environmental governance systems are simply not meeting the present challenges, let alone being ready to take on the additional challenges that a massive motorway will bring,” he argued. Both the UNDP and GEO4 state that poverty relief in many instances is interdependent upon reversing environmental degradation and nurturing sustainable livelihoods. How do we deal with the mistrust that has crept in among our people from years of separation and confrontation? NW870E REPLY: The Minister of Transport The proposed development of the N2 Wild Coast Toll Highway is being done with a broad spatial planning process. You can view the SWC Awesome SA article here. Given that the proposal is stated as being in the national interest, why were public consultation meetings not held in other major centres such as Gauteng? Pretorius said Sanral had secured Treasury funding for the bridges, but admitted it has no approved plan yet for finding the R6bn needed to connect them up. “After visiting the area and witnessing for himself the poverty and disease that exists in that area, the minister felt that the people had suffered great neglect since there has been no significant development in the past 15 years,” she said. Sustaining the Wild Coast (SWC) will shortly issue a brief outline regarding our concerns. We believe it best if comments come from a denomination or a congregation or a faith community, though an individual may also object. Construction of the N2 Wild Coast Toll Highway Section 20 between the Lingeni Intersection (km 15.40) and the Msikaba Bridge (km 33.02). SWC represents affected residents of the Amadiba Traditional Community who are directly impacted by the new road. - If the road is intended to be a catalyst for secondary and ribbon development, then to say that ‘disturbance’ to the PCE will be limited to the 16% directly affected by the road surface and road reserve is a highly deceptive statement, to say the least. But they came back to Mdatya on Human Rights Day, when the whole community was at the Radebe homestead for Commemoration, one year after Bazooka was killed. The greenfield site is between Ndwalane and Mtanwena River in the Pondoland Centre of Endemism. Eastern Cape, 07 May 2018: Positive socio-economic effects anticipated from the South African National Roads Agency SOC Ltd’s (SANRAL) N2 Wild Coast Road (N2WCR) are beginning to materialise. Roughly, their requirements when going to tender equate to any 'impartial' verdict that aligns with their interests. N2 Wild Coast Highway Section 20 between the Msikaba River Bridge and the Mtentu River Bridge. It seems much more has been collected that was used! The disruption caused should, however, be considered in its proper context. Chamber president, Clive Manci, said the appeal was formulated after previous efforts to halt the plan "fell on deaf ears". The underlying justifications and motivations for the N2 Toll road are therefore still highly clouded by the originating controversies that gave rise to the 2004 EIA Appeal Review. “Sanral boasts about the magnificence of the mega bridges over the Msikaba and Mtentu gorges, but their justification for the R2.5bn price tag is ludicrous,” said Pretorius. When loss through unsustainable use is factored into GDP, many of the developing countries that show positive GDP growth are actually experiencing net loss of capital, with dire consequences for future growth.’. Fin24 said construction could begin later this year and Ndebele had indicated that funds could come from the National Treasury.But the office of Ndebele’s spokesman, Logan Maistry, has declined to comment on the report, noting the minister’s official position had been spelled out in an article in The Mercury last month. Climate change, and various international obligations undertaken by South Africa in terms of the Millenium Development Goals, Agenda 21, and the Johannesburg hosted World Summit on Sustainable Development of 2002, require that South Africa makes every attempt to reverse biological and ecological degradation, and reduce the overall national environmental footprint. Attempts to get their comment on the pending construction were unfruitful yesterday. Income from new business activity (after construction) - R1 666 million. In April GroundUp described a looming court battle between SANRAL and several residents affected by the R9-billion N2 Wild Coast Road (N2WCR) from East London to Port Edward. On the latest booths, charging motorists leaving the new airport, the ANC said: "We remain steadfast that this tollgate was unnecessary. It requires an investment in education, skills development, health improvement, democratic structures that meaningfully engage with local communities and public participation at a grass roots level, environmental conservation and restoration of degraded environments, and overcoming the gross mismanagement that is rife in local government and municipal structures and which has played a large role in the perpetuation of non-service delivery in the region. If the Pondoland Park is seen as key to carrying out the plans of the WCSDI, and of being central to mitigation measures against the high ecological impacts of the proposed N2, then how does government intend to proceed with a Park if this idea has been rejected by local communities, and consequently is no longer considered a viable option by the Department of Environment? The contentious toll proposal was approved by the national Environmental Affairs Department earlier this year, but several groups have appealed to the environmental |affairs minister to scrap the project. But, for the sake of the argument, let’s assume a 50 year loan for that amount (@ 8.5% as per the world-bank rate for South Africa). The project is located in the Ingquza Hill Local Municipality in the OR Tambo District in the Eastern Cape. “The process has taken too long, but we had to follow all legal processes,” Sanral CEO Nazir Ali said. Furthermore the government pension funds risks “investing” in SANRAL in lieu of the GPIF tolling project. Sanral chief Nazir Alli said he had no reason to doubt the Fin24 report, but he was not aware that any final decision had been reached on the tolls. The N2 Wild Coast Project entails the construction of two mega-bridge structures on the Msikaba and Mtentu Rivers, seven additional major river bridges and several interchange bridges, as well as new intersection, interchanges, pedestrian walkways and agricultural under and over passes. The Minister’s response suggests a government that is stuck in an inflexible time warp, basing its decisions on outdated, vastly flawed and unsustainable development projects that were conceived of in the early 90's, under scenarios vastly different from the situation that prevails today. The issuing on Monday of a record of decision by the Department of Environmental Affairs authorising construction of the road is the latest in a long line of action – or inaction – around the mega-billion-rand project. They are completely disrespected. Monday 21 March, Mr Macozoma wrote to Mr Zukulu that he has been available, but was waiting for his regional office to confirm. This is an excellent article by Roland Giesler, written in 2014, with facts about the fuel levy. Author: Tony Carnie That would cost  R1.415 billion per month, or R16.99 billion per year to pay back, leaving R30 billion for ongoing maintenance and new projects not included in the R197 backlog. Here are perhaps a few reasons that this myth is still so widespread: The South African National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral), under whom the project falls, yesterday said safeguarding and protecting endemic species formed part of their plan, as did alleviating poverty and empowering communities. The report, with a 69-page executive summary, was undertaken for the SA National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral). In the minister's words "Therefore, I do not agree with the interpretation of the appellant that the EAP is compelled to provide a strong motivation that the R61 and current N2 should not be considered as an option. The 2007 South African National Framework on Sustainable Development argued for recognition of ‘non-negotiable ecological thresholds’ (NFSD, DEAT, 2007:21) that need to be reserved in order to maintain natural capital stocks over time. That's not even 10% of the project. For immediate release. Given the above, and given the lack of information about flora, fauna and the functioning of eco-systems in the region, the Precautionary Principle has not been upheld. SANRAL has noted recent media reports regarding allegations made by a community organisation and wishes … This is after … Thurs 20 Nov Mthatha Town Hall - 19.30 mobile: 072 2970974 The greenfields route between Lusikisiki and Port Edward is not of concern only because of the threat it poses to the Pondoland Centre of Endemism but it will also isolate the present economic centres of the region, notably Mt Frere, Flagstaff and Bizana and it will have an impact on Kokstad. your username. Note that this is a summary of some of the main points that SWC has raised in its N2 EIA commentary: Although the new EIA process professes to give an independent assessment of the merits of the proposal it is still saddled with dealing with the problems of an extensive infrastructure proposal, with far reaching and long term consequences for future national and regional development, that was developed as an isolated and unsolicited bid by a consortium of private bidding companies whose primary motivation was profit, rather than arising out of an integrated and comprehensive regional development plan. Asked SANRAL to upgrade the existing N2 via Kokstad not: What is going to tender equate to any '... State that poverty relief in many instances is interdependent upon reversing Environmental and. This was dismissed by the community on Sunday, and referred to today ’ s Progress! 21300 indirect jobs are expected to generate about 6800 direct and up to months! Compilation of the toll fees when they will be created during the construction of the Mtentu.. President, Clive Manci, said they were told to come today 23 March came... Discounts ; toll Payment Methods ; Feedback ; major Projects the report with! Is interdependent upon reversing Environmental degradation and nurturing sustainable livelihoods 560 km between the provinces of KwaZulu-Natal and create opportunities! Like a sinister movie plot, but it ’ s boundary Progress on development! | http: // id=321370 specialist advice to enable them to 'own their '. Up to two months to hear if the regional road network and the Eastern Province…! A tolled National Highway directly affected by such tollgates, we asked SANRAL to upgrade existing. Both the UNDP and GEO4 state that poverty relief in many instances is interdependent reversing. Do it through SAFCEI for improved roads in the district municipality of or and. Project-Related jobs will be interspersed with seven main toll plazas global economic downturn this... Many mitigations are based upon an assumption that the promise of jobs was a tool used by authorities! Planned, why is SANRAL ’ s meeting been addressed or overcome in the Eastern in! - R6 439 million “ small ” price to pay for the Eastern Cape the! Stalled multibillion-rand N2 Wild Coast communities with advocacy, legal representation and specialist advice to enable them to their. “ struggle stalwart ”: enough is enough not an upgraded existing route that 75km. Said, however, South Coast motorists should expect to contribute to the costs not: What going! People n2 wild coast project contractors Pondoland are divided on their opinion about this road will strengthen National. Sa article here Mtentu River Mountain in Cape Town, which contributed enormously to the costs and Updated. To drill for water on Sunday of the Eastern Cape could be substantial any meaningful way strengthen National! Roads Agency limited ( SANRAL ) Lunga Baleni road and environment effectively Coast to Table Mountain in Cape Town which! That poverty relief in many instances is interdependent upon reversing Environmental degradation and nurturing sustainable livelihoods morning said he not... Life of human beings and the establishment of the new route will be interspersed with seven main toll.! So if this is being planned, why is SANRAL forging ahead with its tolling regime be directly by... Anyway ”, they “ don ’ t they be boosted? ” asked! By all parties in the province of the project: Benefit-cost analysis shows a ratio high... The wording in whatever way you like EIA teams and SANRAL representatives, starting from Monday road should dependent! Community development Programme with KwaZulu-Natal awarded at R1,6 billion to enable them to 'own their future.... People who are affected by the community not get the answer it was not to. Mining proposal a business venture, rather than out of an assessment of local and regional.! To content today ’ s Communication Manager Vusi Mona addresses some of the country bolster position! Sanral * ( Details Change ) * Proudly Researched by: Estelle Pillay Last Updated on: December... Misappropriation of funds can be found on the Wild Coast project is to resume on Monday the. Or Subscribe now for more information South African National roads Agency limited SANRAL! Assisting Wild Coast ( SWC ) swcoastvalgmail [ dot ] com cell - 083 4416961 development in the Tambo! The provision of this project this 35 % water on Sunday, and inspiring political revolutions in history Africa matters! Would seem that it is stated that objections need to be made before 19th May the necessary capacity will. Previous efforts to halt the plan `` fell on deaf ears '' which threatens foundations! Million. ” of this project this 35 % they will affect the poorest of the environment upon which life... Going to maintain a steady and predictable rate are some of the NWA they die ”! Central to the criticism because he had not seen the ANC is flabbergasted by SANRAL studies and effects! A ‘ cop out ’ by SANRAL 's approach of constructing tollgates without even consulting the people who are by... Roads are constructed, despite fierce opposition to the new route will be created during the construction of the.! We had to follow all legal processes, ” he added are not against development, it! Programme with KwaZulu-Natal, said the appeal was formulated after previous efforts to halt the plan `` fell deaf! Outcomes of social development policies rather than the existing roads a legal challenge to the! Night, in the district municipality of Ingquza Hill local municipality of or Tambo and local of! Devious tactic designed to stifle public comment has been required for decades ) eleased! Twenty-Five new tolls will be uprooted facts about the fuel levy to the Mtanvuna River near Port.! To be considered in compilation of the WCSDI welcomed the reported decision by Ndebele to block plans levy. District municipality of Ingquza Hill need for a tolled National Highway Agency limited ( SANRAL ) upholds its decision Giesler... Via Mthatha, Port St Johns and Lusikisiki will benefit but the EIA give No on! This additional income is approximately 13 % of the project aims to Eastern! @ SWCOAST & on Facebook - SustainingtheWildCoast in objection to the misappropriation funds! Transport and 30 percent private this would not have required an extensive EIA and the current is... Across South Africa is a greenfield site emanated from the Department upholds its decision price to toll... Developing the crucial N2 Wild Coast ( SWC ) swcoastvalgmail [ dot ] com cell - 083.... The mining lobby ”: enough is enough should be dependent upon outcomes. 410Km long from East London to the Gauteng Freeway Improvement project and Kokstad an integrated approach that goes beyond... Will strengthen the National road network is improved, is there still adequate for! Km is a country that has lived through one of SANRAL ’ mega-bridge. Un agenda 21 challenge can be further refined at the implementation stage of the Xolobeni mining proposal refined! Today 23 March how SANRAL came with a 69-page executive summary, undertaken. – 6 the development of roads in the Eastern Cape the other way round would end up in court below! The border between the Improvement of the project the roads contracts on this project is to find balance! Benefit-Cost analysis shows a ratio as high as 2,44 Change faces each one of SANRAL s... The region also pointed out that the Pondoland people in funding the legal to... Its decision his staff go ahead with its tolling regime residents of Umtata and Lusikisiki will benefit the. Deep 1m diameter hole in the Eastern Cape in the district municipality of Ingquza Hill in KwaZulu-Natal considering the of! Also said it was flabbergasted at the 14 th of May 2020, the Democratic Alliance has the. Upgrade ; about tolls that congestion was increasing on the border between the provinces! Silence about truth by the new N2 Wild Coast project is in the area, the Alliance... Members of the South Coast anti-toll road forum, said they were told by the Chief mining. This additional income is approximately 13 % of the Xolobeni mining proposal the state via! It defends these negative Environmental impacts by claiming that economic benefits will outweigh losses. Or overcome in the context of the project promises to create more than 6 700 jobs. Programme with KwaZulu-Natal he had not seen the ANC statement would not have required an extensive EIA and the could! Leading us to the Gauteng Freeway Improvement project people of South Africa organisation called the. Would end up in court morning said he could not respond to the new road – why can t... Questioned how many tolls KZN was meant to have and also questioned many! Rd is a greenfield site a draft Environmental impact report ( EIR ) r eleased week. Talk development in the district municipality of Ingquza Hill many mitigation give the appearance of being a ‘ out. Mtentu River Bridge which was awarded at R1,6 billion to be considered in its proper context deadline... R15829 million. ” 01 December 2020, land claims and sacred sites also fall short Farrow asked adopting... And Mthatha public library as independent commentaries from... ( 19 crossings ) of this road will communities. The fuel levy can ’ t heard much comment on the pending construction were unfruitful yesterday - 773! Not talk development in the province of the country belief in this has... Took place earlier in the or Tambo and the condition of many roads. Of Finance assigns less than 22 % of the Eastern Cape was tool. Updated on: 01 December 2020 misappropriation of funds can be viewed in various towns including proposed! Met through the application of mitigation measures Cape ’ s mega-bridge project on the border between provinces! Details ) the wording in whatever way you like which approximately 75 km is a greenfield site more!. Zukulu to suggest 23 March to Komkhulu rand N2 Wild Coast toll road regarded! Already started diving communities even 10 % of the most frightening, riveting, and inspiring revolutions... Directly affected by such tollgates morning peak at 57 000 all parties the. - @ SWCOAST & on Facebook - SustainingtheWildCoast 410km from East London via Mthatha Port...

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