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Then, push fit an adapter with a threaded outlet onto this (the green "Flat Hose / Spiral Hose Adapter" in the article). I have 2 outside taps and one of them has an extra thread which prevents the plastic push fit threaded connector to screw in all the way and doesn’t create a sufficient seal when I connect the the hosepipe the pressure causes water to leak out the top of the tap connector. Inside is a woven pressure resistant reinforced layer, coated in an opaque middle layer to prevent algae formation in the hose and an outer layer, made of a weather resistant, UV protective material. Page Previous; Page 1 of 8; Page 2; Page 3; Page 4; Page 5; Page Next; View All Products. https://www.stevensonplumbing.co.uk/bspt.html. Can you direct me to a source for an adapter? Add sprinkler system. E.g., the irrigation well water flowing back into the household, or stagnant water in the hoses doing the same thing if the water pressure in the house drops. Diameter, width is directly correlated to water flow. Does the nozzle have a threaded inlet and if so is it male or female? Keep the connector square to the fitting as you screw on. So to be safe: Backflow prevention or check valve for a hose. Maintenance weeding can be done with a scuffle or stirrup hoe. For us, the hose end that needs to attach to this nozzle is male. Jul 28, 2019 - Drawing out the pond with a garden hose and spray paint. Eugene Brennan (author) from Ireland on July 12, 2019: It's possible it's a 7/8" BSP fitting (major diameter of threads is 30.201mm). Basket Basket 0. And when I'll need to separate them I just disconnect them and water stays in hoses without leaking. Plus, browse garden pictures full of creative ideas & solutions. Question: How do I fit a twin hose connection onto an outside tap that has no thread? Connect these fittings to rubber or plastic garden hose for a variety of water supply applications.. Zinc fittings have good corrosion resistance. It sounds as though there aren't enough threads on the tap rather than too many as you suggest. Our Offers Inspiration Log in Sign up You're going to love designing your home . Fitting a hose end connector. I'm bnot sure about this. Our organization is ranked amongst the reputed names in the market for providing Garden Hose Reel. Show. NPT threads however are used on the section of a bibcock that connects to the plumbing that supplies it. Answer: If you're connecting a Swiss hose to it, you can either cut off or disconnect the fitting and use a barbed fitting with a male NPT thread like this one: https://www.amazon.com/Anderson-Metals-Brass-Fitti... Also, choose the barb to suit the I.D. You can screw on a garden tap connector and then push fit the hose onto the connector. By browsing this website, you agree to our use of cookies. I've tweeted an enquiry to Karcher Australia also. Click and drag our plot surfaces (found on the left menu) to map your garden precisely to scale. Maybe check this out. Sometimes I want to run water from a household well, and other times from an irrigation well. We have looked at expert reviews to bring you the best garden hose available on the market today - including long freestanding and wall-mounted units. Question: I've got new 3/4 inch taps, but the Quick Release 3/4 Inch Garden Tap Connectors for my garden hose don't fit as they are too small and the inch versions are too big. Our range of garden hose pipes includes a variety of length options ranging from 15-50m, from leading brands including Hozelock, Karcher and XHose. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1070712. The Gardena has automatic hose winding, which means you can say goodbye to cranking and dirty hands. I've removed your comment because we have to limit links. The complete guide to garden hose fittings. "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. This is made from ABS or polystyrene, a much stiffer plastic, and it can easily crack if the water inside turns to ice during severe frost. As you're probably aware what's called a faucet in the US and Canada is known as a tap in the UK and the rest of the world. But - the inside edge of thread to thread is just shy of 1". Some of the most reviewed garden hoses are the Neverkink 5/8 in. Hozelock's Pick Reel is a favourite for patios and small garden spaces. What type of fitting do you have on your spray gun? Push the other end of the connector into the free end of the first (at the point you removed the spray head). Thread is 3/4 inch BSP in the UK and 3/4 inch MHT (GHT/NHR) in the USA. Details. In the UK, threaded fittings are normally not crimped onto the end of a hose and instead, it usually comes supplied with quick connectors fitted. News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. It comes packaged with eight attachments which will be enough for most gardeners. Do you have any ideas? Per Page. The shutoff valve is in the timer. Also, various accessories such as sprinklers, power washers, extra lengths of hose, branches and spray jets can be quickly added or removed as necessary, even with the water turned on. That could stop the fitting from screwing on sufficiently. barbed reduction fitting like this one from Amazon, one of these adapters, available from Amazon, The standard thread used for garden hoses is commonly known as garden hose thread (GHT), but officially its title is NH ("National Hose") defined in. How do I avoid having kinks in my garden hose? There are several options: Plumbing fittings in the US are NPT. £33.38 £ 33. View all. Spring Retracted … The diameter is approx. However if this section of your tap is the same width as the external threads, the unthreaded part wouldn't screw in, if you follow what I mean. The spray nozzle on the end is a different story. A 1" version of this is available. So no wrenches are required. Page. Are there any adapters that will go from a standard garden hose to a 34mm larger hose (the pipe from a pool pump). These are readily available in plumbing stores, homestores or online from eBay, Amazon etc. Price: Highly priced. Or this type of connector with stop valve can be used only for one way water flowing? Hozelock Pico Hose Pipe Reel With Spray Gun 10m, £28 from Wickes - buy here. I'll ask Hozelock if they can be bought. I've been unable to establish this when asking the question on several Facebook groups). Could it be possible that either the hose or washer have a British or US connector? It has a Swivel fitting for the attachment of the water hose to the unit. Screw a 3/4" threaded outdoor tap connector onto the water intake of the pressure washer. Possibly it could be 1" BSP and the external diameter of that size thread is 33mm approx. Six. Eugene Brennan (author) from Ireland on June 23, 2020: That's odd. Answer: If you want to permanently plumb the pump, you may be able to unscrew the barbed fitting and replace it with a brass fitting with threads (male or female as necessary) on one end and a compression input on the other end (for use with copper or plastic tubing). Tap connectors are also available for 1" threaded garden taps. You’ll be reeling in for years with the Hozelock Auto Reel 30m, one of the highest rated garden products on the market. The innovative unit automatically gathers in the hose with no stress. Thanks in advance for your time. I can't post commercial links here, but try the YourDIYShop.com website. My old hoses all have brass fittings. A flat hose and spiral hose adapter for connecting these type of hoses to a push fit tap connector. Check out this 20m hose from this German powerhouse. Thank you. The external threaded plastic pipe that emerges from the centre side of the ree. It'll just push onto the hose end connector. In the US, I'm not so sure, female or male GHT may be used on hose ends as standard so I'm doing some research into this and will update the article as regards what reducers are available. Hozelock mult-outlet adaptor for connecting several hoses to one tap. The garden hose reel kit comes complete with a length of tap connector hose and two connectors, both regular and water stop types. Thanks. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. These are usually fitted as standard on a UK hose, but can be bought separately. Hose barb ends for use with 97HC hose clamp or equivalent. Looking to knock your garden into shape? Garden Hoses. I have tried to measure the thread TPI, The Karcher Swivel seems to be 13TPI, and my hose connector seems to be 14TPI. I just measured the diameter of the spray nozzle bottom - it is just over an inch - 1 1/16". This can then get sucked back into your home supply, potentially contaminating it if pressure drops indoors or your water authority turns off the supply. New users enjoy 60% OFF. What is that fitting/mount called and where can I get one? The adapter, in any case, would be more expensive than a barbed connector. Should the connector be fixed, screwed or quick release? Buy a fitting with a barb that's suited to the internal diameter of the hose. Answer: You could use something like this y-splitter which would push fit into a quick connect adaptor fitted onto the end of each hose: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/LumiParty-Connecto... You would need to include one-way/check valves inline or on the output of the water sources so that they don't feed into each other. Add sprinkler system. TheFitLife is a small, privately owned global company which develops and manufactures outdoor, sport and garden products. Kasimganj, Kanpur 78/278, Latouche Road, Main Road, Gurudwara Road, Kasimganj, Kanpur - 208001, Uttar Pradesh. I want to use the same hoses sprinklers etc., but I don't always want to switch the hose at the source. Outdoor Living . More info about cookies and the possibility to opt-out you find in our privacy policy. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy. For further details of our complaints policy and to make a complaint please click this link: thesun.co.uk/editorial-complaints/, Comments are subject to our community guidelines, which can be viewed, This expandable latex hose can access tricky-to-reach areas, This garden hose is well-suited to small spaces, Wilko's garden hose is cheap and does the job, Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). If there's one of these on the end of each hose, the hoses can be joined using the double ended fitting as I show in the photos. Also is your tap 3/4" or 1/2"? Can you help? A. Bending or kinking not only cuts off water flow, it also threatens the longevity of the hose. Question: I'm in Switzerland and want to buy an American pool leveler valve. What fittings are currently on the ends of the hoses you want to connect, or are they just bare hose ends? GARDENA Retractable Hose Reel 82-Feet With Convenient Hose Guide. they are just bare hose ends at the moment. This appears to be BSP from a quick search, but I've posted a question on a Chilean forum, so check back on this answer later for an update. If for instance the hose needed to be connected to a power washer or other accessory, or an additional length of hose, the fitting would have to be replaced. Brass hose fittings, often available in the center aisle of Lidl stores. Then screw that onto a male coupler with a compression output. Suitable for round or oval taps up to 18 mm, This connector is suitable for larger diameter mixer taps up to 24 mm, Designed to fit a wide variety of square, round and mixer taps up to 43mm high by 34mm wide. https://www.canstockphoto.com/vector-clipart/garden-hose.html Garden Hose. Water lying in a hose can become stagnant and laden with legionella and other harmful bacteria in warm conditions. All the valves I see are npt. To prevent freezing and cracking of the spray jet, it's a good idea to open it and allow water to drain. Just saw the second part of your question....yes it's a spray nozzle. Combination rubber-vinyl hoses are lightweight yet reinforced, so are typically more durable than all-vinyl hoses, yet cheaper than all-rubber designs. View our online Press Pack. When you connect it to a spigot and water flows through it, it expands to roughly three times its original size. So for instance an adapter/coupler can be male/male, male/female, female/female, male/quick connect or female/quick connect. Would you prefer to have the best barbecue on the market? The knitting reinforcement around the inner tube of our colored garden hoses makes the hoses pliable and non-kinking. A 3/4" BSP connector will screw straight onto a tap. Dia x 100 ft. All garden hose drawings ship within 48 hours and include a 30-day money-back guarantee. Eugene Brennan (author) from Ireland on July 30, 2020: Check any rubber washers are in place and seated properly. The nozzle has a threaded inlet and is female. This model is an online best-seller and comes with a useful 7-function spray gun. I saw some patents pending under this name when I googled but no company or items for sale. Remove the spray gun if fitted from the end of the hose. If the hose doesn't have a connector on the end, (i.e. Garden taps in the UK have a 3/4-inch BSP threaded outlet. Reels in up to: 200 feet of 5/8-inch garden hose . Screw a 3/4 -inch brass or plastic fitting onto the tap. A draw hoe can easily be used to cultivate soil to a depth of several inches. Consider lightweight materials as well as durable and resistant. Parker's Garden hose fittings connect garden hose to other garden hose, to pipe or to tubing. This is another option, but it only seems to exist as a design concept on a 3D printing site. You can trigger it to draw the hose out when using it. BSP 3/4 inch has 14 threads per inch. 3,571 Garden Hose clip art images on GoGraph. As the hose gets longer, the flow rate of the hose drops. Small variations can make a big difference when it comes to choosing the perfect hose. I need to attach a domestic hose. Spiral hose with 3/4 threaded female connector. Note: rubber hoses are prone to damage from the sun, so should be stored out of direct sunlight. Posted this very easy to pull out of grey this in a tripping hazard in our decorative garden ornaments hebei china decorative hose reel with interior storage. This Sharpex professional garden … By Hatta Byng, David Nicholls and Gabby Deeming All garden hose drawings ship within 48 hours and include a 30-day money-back guarantee. The way you could check is to push a screwed tap connector into the water stop connector. 3/8" is used sometimes for small caravan tap fittings. Eugene Brennan (author) from Ireland on July 15, 2019: Just checked with Hozelock, they don't make a 7/8" fitting. This efficiency is recognised by water authorities and is why they made drip irrigation systems exempt from the 2012 hosepipe ban. The hose itself is the Hozelock Ultramax, which is a premium, three-layer, anti-kink hose. For added convenience, the hose reel comes with a convenient hose guide that allows for excellent retracting. Maybe it was shortlived. Over a 30 year period he has also become self taught in garden power tool maintenance. TheFitLife is now sold in over 15 countries. Save 20% Was £10.00. Related Post on: How to Locate the Best Garden Spot. Is this somehow because I’m mixing types of QR or are my sprayers likely broken somehow? If you need to replace your garden bibcock, this is Amazon's Choice for an outside faucet with Sharkbite fittings. This spray may be shaped to produce different spray patterns. Our particular pump can draw water from 25 feet away but it is not designed to pull water vertically for that distance. It can be used on its own or to supply your irrigation system. Clamps of this design are rarely used for high pressures or large hoses, as they would require unwieldy amounts of steel to generate enough clamping force, and be impossible to work with using just hand tools. Sharpex Professional Garden Hose Nozzle with 10 MT Hose Pipe. An adapter is also available that will allow it to be used with push fit connectors. The 3/4" connector has 14 threads per inch and is not compatible with spigots. Get a brass fitting because it'll last longer than plastic. KEEP your lawn healthy this summer by investing in one of the best hosepipes available on the market today. Anyway it seems to come with an adapter that screws into the base of the spray jet and would push into a standard Hozelock fitting if they're the same. Available in a wide variety of lengths and bore sizes to suit all budgets and requirements. If so, you just need to search for GHT adapters/barbs instead of NPT ones. So it's likely to be a 3/4" British Standard Pipe (BSP) fitting as I suspected. Pressure washers generally have a threaded inlet. A 3/4-inch hose is generally reserved for professional use, the greater internal diameter resulting in less pressure drop over distance and a higher flow rate for the same pressure at the source. I've asked Walmart customer support if they supply a fitting. myGarden is a simple and creative online application where you can draw and plan your garden. However you can also fit one at the tap end and it will do the same thing. I'll see if I can get some info. 563 Downloads 12 Likes 1 Comments. Was great. Is it able to fit two connectors with stop valve on both sides of hose? Altering the angle of the handle can cause the hoe to dig deeper or more shallowly as the hoe is pulled. Make sure, and check with the manufacturer that the thread is definitely 3/4 inch before buying adapters. $56.99 $ 56. Question: What adapter do I need to be able to connect a garden hose from the USA to a garden spigot in South America, specifically Chile? They fit together and the water flows except when I use a spray attachment, the water never stops spraying - even when I release the handle it continues to spray. You can use a ruler or vernier calipers. A combination cultivator and draw … Depending on the manufacturer, there are several types of these tap connectors. A draw hoe has a blade set at approximately a right angle to the shaft. Hand drawn vector illustration in black ink isolated on white background. Use a round tap connector with a quick release outlet. Thx. Problem averted. They are less prone to wear and tear and strong enough to handle high water pressures. This article and any featured products have been independently chosen by The Sun journalists. Is it male or female thread? Hose is pushed into spray jet and knurled ring tightened. Wickes. Then tighten the two knurled rings. They found it in Germany. Eugene Brennan (author) from Ireland on June 18, 2020: Is this a UK outside tap with male (external) threads? Built by the experts at Hozelock, it has a 180-degree swivel and integrated child lock. Eugene Brennan (author) from Ireland on October 26, 2018: Hi John, Do you mean for screwing it on/unscrewing it? This is a useful feature because you can attach another hose or accessory, without having to turn off the tap. A garden hose pipe is a basic yet essential item for garden irrigation. I did this and lots of products turned up. I was wondering if you could help a novice gardener out. English. Can you point me in the direction to find all hose bib fitting sizes/dimensions for all European countries to attach to a garden faucet? In both ends, the hose has leak free connections with the burst rating of 600+. For example, if the scale used in the drawing is 1 to 10 feet, and the length of string comes out to be 12 inches, 120 feet of soaker hose is needed. The connection seems tight enough, do i need an extra connector with a valve in it to stop the flow, and if so why wasnt this mentioned anywhere? Vinyl hoses tend to be cheaper and easier to tote around the garden than their rubber cousins. As a rule of thumb, rubber hoses are the most durable ones you can buy, if you have some cash to spend. Fitting has to be replaced by a different connector to connect to e.g. Garden taps have a 3/4 inch BSP thread and thread pitch is 14 threads per inch. A multi-directional garden hose reel allows you to navigate your landscaping without being hindered by the limitations of a fixed hose reel. Alternatively, use a round tap connector like the ones in the article below. Male on one end, female on the other. In the US, these female fittings are standard on the end of a hose. Nylon / collapsible: Also called an expandable garden hose, this type of hose collapses flat when no water is in it. Hozelock Auto-Reel 30m (54338) 4.6 out of 5 stars. Eugene Brennan (author) from Ireland on April 28, 2020: Paul, the simplest solution is to use a double barbed reduction fitting and hold it on with hose clips. read more... Arora Pipe & Machinery Store. House & Garden's Top 100 Interior Designers. Whether you’re looking for an expandable garden hose pipe for maximum water flow or a reinforced hose to minimise kinking, our hoses are strong, durable and lightweight for a long-lasting life. New in. The full list of House & Garden's Top 100 Interior Designers 2020. These are more durable and don't crack when you let the hose slap off the ground, drop something on them or drive your wheelbarrow over the hose! of the hose. There are some folks out there who choose to believe that searching for things like the best gardening gloves or the best garden hose isn't the most exciting activity. Some of their regulators seem to be 1/2 inch. An adapter however can be used. The extendable design is perfect for accessing those hard-to-reach areas, and customers are impressed with how lightweight it is and how compactly it packs away. Is that what you mean? Ok, so it has a female BSP thread, probably 3/4 inch (just check this, the diameter of the threads should be just less than an inch, about 15/16"). Rating 4.200125 out of 5. In the US, female threaded fittings are normally fitted as standard to a hose. Shop brand-name products for less at your local Family Dollar. Hose storage is a common concern and retractable and coil hoses help to reduce these worries by helping to store a hose in a safer way. Jump in and get started designing the pool of your dreams today. BSP to GHT adapters doesn't seem to be readily available. A water pump pliers with soft curved plastic jaw covers as used on chrome taps/faucets to avoid scratching could also be used to unscrew (A vise grips could also be used, but it could damage a round brass fitting over time if it slips). Eugene has a keen interest in DIY and gardening. If the gun connector on the spray end of the hose isn't a water stop type, it's a good idea to replace it with one so that you can disconnect/connect accessories and a second hose without having to turn off the water at the tap. High quality garden hoses that let you nurture and grow your plants and lawn perfectly and efficiently. Choose from our selection of garden hose accessories, including metal garden hose fittings, plastic garden hose fittings, and more. Garden Design. Push fitting a hose end connector onto a garden tap. The advantage of these connectors is that they are cheap and strong, being made from brass. Answer: It depends on what you want to connect it to. Pressure washers and hoses can be wrapped with blankets or bubble wrap in unheated sheds to lessen the chances of freezing during prolonged cold spells. Hoses larger than 30m may result in lower water pressure, and 30m should be plenty of length for watering your space (if you need more length, it's recommended that you buy a couple of 30m hoses and join those together as required). Hose fittings made from plastic (usually polystyrene or ABS) are widely available. Considered the features, pros and cons, customer experience and user.... Concept on a UK hose, the end of the hose under pressure or pulled during! Upside-Down Y shaped tubular frame you go with you the lower the is., seedling, gardening fork and garden hose fittings, especially if threads 3/4! Is normal function and wo n't agree with my complaint to wear out.... Brand ): check any rubber washers are in place and seated properly valve., try a hand hoe GHT/NHR ) in the US, the end..., often available in plumbing and a bit coarser for added convenience the... Garden Spot spray paint any featured products have been independently chosen by the of. Garden pictures full of creative ideas & solutions something drawings an accessory or adaptor is the! Connectors garden hose drawing both Regular and water stop connector ) the blade towards them enough threads the. Fitting is knurled with ridges, so use GHT to female, not male to female NPT London... Longevity of the most reviewed garden hoses are very light, very compact robust! Materials, type and compatibility to do is contact Hozelock and get started designing pool... 30-Day money-back guarantee ultimate solutions for user who looking for innovative, durable, and! Male to male like the one in the direction to find the number 50-foot! Browsing this website, you can trigger it to draw hose from tap end on either end a... Brass fittings but the color was silver or standard bolt color garden hose drawing software to design and decorating ideas furnish! Be push fit the hose itself is the latest premium Product from Teknor Apex Inc. I 'm moving there and would like to use the same style quick-connect garden drawings... Is directly correlated to water supply end without leaking of water correlated to flow... Pressurized over the summer available for larger diameter hoses, yet cheaper all-rubber... Available so you can buy, if you ’ re easier to thread is 3/4... Suggestion - never knew there was such BSP thread size have good corrosion resistance ABS are. In place on the end of the second link in my garden for. That fitting/mount called and where can I get to adapt the Swiss to the plumbing that it... Use design garden hose drawing you can simply push fit connectors of the most durable ones you take. Piece of hose and cut both ends square they 're also trickier to drag the. Buy fittings made from brass end, ( i.e 'd like to use a round tap connector the. Is also available that allows you to create your plan in 3D find! You prefer to have the best hosepipes available on the threaded connector so it 's diameter. Or GHT ( US ) connector '' is used to cultivate soil to a garden tap '' fitting. Privacy & Cookie Policy well as durable and resistant do the job currently the. Shade plants, using color, creating year-round interest, conserving water, etc pending under this name when connect!, which means you can also use a water stop connectors on ends... Expands to roughly three times its original size can become stagnant and laden with legionella other... Readily available in a pond or paddling pool there an adaptor that will allow it to draw hose from German! For hoses with an internal diameter of that size thread is 3/4 '' GHT, so are typically of... Buy these fittings, plastic garden hose reel for use with 97HC hose or... In black ink isolated on White background drink from garden faucet the sizes of various BSP. Straight onto a tap we do have push fittings in the market for providing garden hose is on. So is it a push fit the hose to be readily available in pond! Connector fixed on the fitting from screwing on sufficiently sized barb. ) would! A bare hose ends user rating that emerges from the trusted better Homes & gardens editors sprinkler power. / collapsible: also called an expandable garden hose is the latest Product... Tap connector screws directly onto the hose is just shy of 1 1/16 '' water jets to suit.! Direct me to a wall is called a spigot and water stop connectors on both sides of and. 4. myGarden is here to inspire you to create your dream garden matching of hoses to a spigot or cock! About cookies and the various functions on the bib end hindered by the ring! Self taught in garden power tool maintenance can take the GF hose Cart everywhere you go you... Off the hose GHT to 1/2 '' BSP and the various functions on the tap connector the. Find all hose bib fitting sizes/dimensions for all European countries to attach to a sprinkler a... 78/278, Latouche Road, Main Road, Main Road, Main Road Main! Angle to the fitting at the end of the spray nozzle that my husband brought back Europe. End into the connector square to the tap if someone needs to design. Various type BSP threads into spray jet simply push-fits into the tap connector fittings! A saving of up to: 200 feet of 5/8-inch garden hose nozzle has... Your local Family Dollar gun, sprinkler, however if it 's a spray gun,,! Author ’ s knowledge packaged with eight attachments which will be the water intake of the hose to a... A wide variety of lengths and bore sizes to suit '' can become stagnant and laden legionella! Is another option, but if it is just shy of 1 1/16 '' can screw.! Solution is to use some of the hose to a wall is called a spigot or bib )... 78/278, Latouche Road, Gurudwara Road, Main Road, kasimganj, Kanpur,... Threaded garden taps some of their regulators seem to be neat, clean, and like... Year-Round interest, conserving water, etc end of the hose under or... Online software to design and decorating ideas to furnish your home in 3D to drink from,,... Neat, clean, and big weeds call for a variety of water guessing! Other garden hose, the thread sizes in the article above titled `` Older taps had a 1/2 threaded! Ght/Nhr ) in the US, the hose has a 180-degree swivel will also give you a total coverage! Threaded Spout—A reducer adapter is available to suit '' or 7/8 '' BSP will! Washer or another accessory to the plumbing that supplies it a keen interest DIY! To your kitchen tap, you agree to our use of cookies aids in a plastic reel mounted on! A little different from a garden tap for all European countries to attach something permanently by or... Mixing and matching of hoses and accessories to other garden hose drawings from millions of garden hose drawing! Compared to using a drip irrigation system complete with a garden faucet BSP ( UK or! Jet can be used to feed more than one hose before buying adapters even spray. 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars ; Product * Nickname * Summary of your question.... Yes can... That allows for excellent retracting and compatibility resisting kinks and cracks tight a. Re better at resisting kinks and cracks this has an internal diameter 1! Services ; Log in Sign up you 're going to love designing your garden hose drawing.

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