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The result of this pushed Jensen into a depression (he smashed his fist into his mirror), driving him to smoke and drink. While Jensen does not speak often of his parents, he does mention that his mother sometimes kept him waiting,[6] and would not want to see him in a brothel.[7]. Jensen and Stacks then investigate Sarif Industry's now-abandoned Milwaukee Junction manufacturing plant. Jensen notes to Alex that he finds it odd that Janus can find this information so easily when others cannot, but relents. The recording reveals that Megan Reed and her team were not killed by the Tyrants, but merely kidnapped and taken to an unknown location, and that Picus TV newsreader Eliza Cassan was involved. Back in Prague, an irate Miller confronted Jensen before taking off for Golem City. In its finished state, it is meant to allow one’s body to accept augmentations, but until Megan completes it, it causes the opposite effect, killing the person instead. Becoming depressed, she made friends with people Nomad says are using her and keeping her away from him. He refused that order, and it was passed on to another member of Jensen's team, Wayne Haas. In an attempt to gain control, Zhao activates the core's defenses, turning them on Jensen. Jensen helps the TF29 unit in their mission and receives praise from their commander, Christian Jarreau. Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Missing Link characters, Deus Ex: Human Revolution (comics) characters, Deus Ex Universe: Children's Crusade characters, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Desperate Measures characters, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - System Rift characters, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - A Criminal Past characters, Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Missing Link, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Desperate Measures, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - A Criminal Past,,, Jensen's famous quote, "I never asked for this," is only said once in, Jensen was likely inspired by the character Alex Murphy, or better known as, Jensen's character design resembles a composite of the three Denton brothers: he wears a longcoat and sunglasses at all times, speaks in a nearly emotionally-detached accent similar to that of, According to the developers, Jensen's design guidelines were that he "...had to look like he could either walk into a posh restaurant just to talk to someone, or be dropped behind enemy line and take care of business--all within the same design.". As she continues to talk, she reveals that she is actually the leader of the cultists and that Marchenko asked her to build some bombs for him which she willingly obliged, seeing violence as the answer against the "flesh flawed." DeBeers acknowledges this and states they're already proceeding with an alternate plan and that "Dubai laid the foundations" before instructing Page to "activate the sleeper cell.". ", They then turn their attention to the Human Restoration Act, which the United Nations is set to vote on soon, and Rand volunteers to go to New York to rally support for the passage of the Act. Marchenko attempts to kill Jensen with the Orchid, the same substance used to assassinate Talos Rucker. Janus, having already started looking into G.A.R.M. Jensen gets through the lockdown and finds the apartment from which the real hacker, Arie van Bruggen, was operating. In late 2028, one year after the Aug Incident, Jensen awakens from a coma to find himself in Facility 451 in Alaska, a processing clinic for augmented people set up by the World Health Organization. Jensen (center) with the Detroit SWAT team circa 2018. After the London mission, Jensen and the Juggernaut Collective are now a step closer to bringing down the Illuminati. The mystery hacker then contacts Jensen to inform him that the way is clear for him to get back to the ship, that could take him to Reed. Jensen attempts to discern who is behind the attacks on SI, but becomes aware that Sanders and his subordinates are simply pawns, being used by a real mastermind who had been controlling the augmented hacker. The Juggernaut Collective assists Jensen in locating a train, carrying the augmentations seized from Sheppard by TF29, that is about to be attacked by an Illuminati strike force tasked with seizing the augmentations for themselves. Nonetheless, feeling defiant of her superiors, Thorne attempts to kill Jensen but is defeated. [3] Relying solely on Arthur's income, money was always tight for the family; Margie lacked the skills and emotional temperament needed to maintain a job. Megan Reed's research was completed in early 2027. It also summarizes some of the events between Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Mankind Divided that occur in tie-in material. Black-market sales of weapons and augments have reached unprecedented heights, while the United Nations debates extreme measures to end the societal divide. Eliza states that Sarif would know why the scientists were kidnapped in the first place, but warned Jensen that everybody lies. On Pritchard's instructions, Jensen disables a nearby signal-jammer, allowing location of the G-P-Ls of the remaining scientists. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is being built on the new Dawn Engine and will support DX12 and AMD's TressFX 3.0 technology. Miller tells Jensen to look for an informant in Golem City named Tibor Sokol, who can help him get into ARC territory so that Jensen can reach Rucker. Once the right biometrics are copied over to the keycard, Jensen was then able to access VersaLife's vault. By early 2029, Detroit has now become much more discriminatory towards augs due to the Aug Incident, with "naturals only" signs being posted on train carriages and at the Chiron Building, the building of Jensen's former apartment. Jensen is sent in alone into Glasshütte and finds the escaped aug, Sebastian, with a stockpile of weapons. Mail at TF29 HQ confirms this, as well as the identity of the woman killed, whom Adam tried to save. These blade slits are much more noticeable in, ACRONYM, a real-life apparel brand, collaborated with, In Jensen's apartment and office, there are several whiteboards with mathematical writings and mechanical schematics and an. You can also hack them, but sometimes your ability is not enough especially at the early in the game. Eventually she reveals that she made enough bombs for Marchenko to destroy an entire city before showing Jensen what the Ascension is: a computerized tower with others connected to it in hopes of becoming one mind, the singularity. Jensen escapes the blast by jumping out of a window, and, in the resulting chaos, sneaks into a shipping crate and conceal himself in an empty cryo-pod, while Tong's son sneaks aboard a ship for Hong Kong. Making his way through the plant, Jensen locates the Typhoon data - though he also discovers an augmented hacker, with the appearance of a member of Purity First, attempting to steal the data. However, a few people in Jensen's life do provoke him to more emotional reactions and his inner thoughts and monologues are highly emotional, but he keeps those emotions to himself. Seeing as only a select few knew about the mission, and knowing someone tipped off Marchenko, Jensen all but accuses Miller about it only for Miller to deny such allegations, stating that he sent Jensen there because he had viable information on it and he is also looking for much needed answers. When he meets Alex, she reveals that Brown will actually lose trillions if the Human Restoration Act passes, as he would not be able to sustain the influx of augmented people to Rabi’ah. Finished Checking Out the Men in Charge first: Finding and stealing Miller's NSN card enabled Jensen to see more of the man's earlier conversation with his boss, Joseph Manderley. ... its a arcade-style time attack VR side mission with its own leveling, inventory and character. As Jensen gets back to the station, his elevator is stuck halfway through. We can draw from this that, regardless of the choices the player makes in the game to indicate otherwise, Adam Jensen is often given choices to perform actions that tend to his soul. Jensen conducts a brief interrogation of the wounded Barrett. She explains she is being forced to look after the children as her own daughter, Emilia, is being held hostage in Glasshütte, an aug ghetto in Dresden. There are two other "Jensen stories" coming to Deus Ex that are only obtainable via the season pass, if they too are only 30 minutes long then.. Jensen's first name may be intended to imply a parallel with Frankenstein's monster, which is also compared to the Biblical Adam. SWAT specialist (formerly)Sarif Chief of Security (formerly)Task Force 29 operativeJuggernaut Collective agent Jensen is forced to destroy the human drones and kill Zhao. Adam Jensen was born on March 9, 1993. Jensen's meeting with Janus didn't go as planned: the hacker identified Bob Page, the CEO of VersaLife, as the third NSN conspirator and was urging Jensen to break into a VersaLife vault when security drones arrived, forcing Jensen to flee. They meet near TF29 and she reveals a file Janus found: a similar incident to Rucker’s poisoning happened at VersaLife's Roccasecca Beach facility where a woman, Anneke Norstadt, was poisoned. With Zhao gone, Jensen accesses the broadcast control room. TF29 goes mobile and Miller tells Jensen to join them, so he gets a ride from Alex. This unknown being even shares Adam's facial hair, scars on his cheek, and scar over his eye. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided; Story; Home; News; macOS; Linux; iOS; Android; Switch; Store; Support; About; English. Looking through the recorded conversations, Jensen learns that Miller was being ordered by Joseph Manderley to put blame on ARC for the Dubai ambush and the Růžička Station bombing. Alex then gives him a whisper-chip (a device that the Juggernaut Collective's leader, Janus, created) to plant on the NSN terminal at TF29's HQ so they can listen in on the conversations. Jensen's augmented legs are rarely seen, as he wears pants and combat boots to cover them. Jensen bears a hexagonal scar on the left side of his forehead, the result of the insertion of the Infolink's implant module containing a neural hub server, which is paired with a communications bead bonded to his mastoid bone, allowing for subvocal communication. Sarif indicates that he has called in a favor from the Defense Department in order to do this, meaning that the conspirators would expect Jensen's arrival. The hacking attempt had originated in an abandoned factory complex in Highland Park. Shortly after Jensen joins TF29's Prague-based Central European Division, the team is sent to rescue kidnapped children but the team leader, Duncan MacReady, leaves Jensen at the VTOL while the rest storm the building. However, sometime between the events of Black Light and Children's Crusade, Jensen is transferred to Task Force's Central European Division based in Prague. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided™ ... [Jensen stories: Desperate measures] When can we play it avoiding spoilers? While Jensen’s evidence does implicate Manderley and Page with conspiracy to commit murder, Janus points out the evidence was illegally obtained and will not hold up in court. In 2025, GARM had been an alpine geological research facility. Welcome back to Deus Ex Mankind Divided, We will be playing the DLC Mission Desperate Measures, I hope you like this video, if you do let me know! However, just as he steps out of Praha Dovoz, an explosion a few blocks away goes off and Jensen sees that the Stanek shop was targeted. Although Sarif was impressed with Jensen's loyalty and skills, Jensen was unwittingly even more important to the company as "Patient X" in Reed's research. However, Jensen's conversation with van Bruggen is cut short by the arrival of a large number of Belltower soldiers led by Narhari Kahn. He then makes his way back to the surface and Malik takes him back to Sarif Industries to report on the situation. Jensen later learns from the Juggernaut Collective that Sebastian intends to blow up himself and his estranged father, Titus King, an anti-aug reporter, on live television. Due to the damage sustained as a result of the Aug Incident, Panchaea is destroyed. In the aftermath of the explosions, a child is screaming for his mom to be saved from under the rubble and wreckage. Jensen is able to find a catering keycard and enter the area, only to find Miller badly injured. Jensen arrives and assists TF29 agent Raye Vande, one of the few survivors, fight against the Illuminati operatives. Jensen urges Tiffany Kavanagh her to get the incriminating evidence on Belltower and to escape with it after he orders a submersible. Haas was then promoted into Jensen's vacant slot, though he didn't last long under the pressure of guilt concerning the shooting. Janus also notes Brown stands to earn trillions if the Human Restoration Act passes but, before he can continue, the signal is abruptly cut and Alex contacts Jensen, telling him he needs to get out of there as sentry drones are detected in the area. facility, but within the hour it took for some of TF29’s agents to get there after Jensen left, the shadow operatives had all but cleared out, taking anything useful with them. In the aftermath of the Aug Incident, the public is outraged and begins aggressively opposing mechanical augmentation. Immediately after this conversation, however, a broadcast from Panchaea revealed Darrow's true intention - he had altered the killswitch signal to enable him to project terrible hallucinations into the minds of augmented people. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Jensen Story: Desperate Measures; Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – A Criminal Past; Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Digital Comic Book; Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Digital Mini-Artbook; ... PC Gameplay : Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is an action role-playing game with first-person shooter and stealth mechanics. Darunia336: 4: … Jensen is also approached by Alex Vega and Garvin Quinn of the Juggernaut Collective, sent by Janus to recruit Jensen. Turns out, Miller had a secret room. The DLC will see the return of Deus Ex: Human Revolution's Frank Pritchard, Sarif Industries' former head of cyber security. Following this conversation, Sarif appears and tells Jensen privately that Pritchard has tracked Vasili Sevchenko's G-P-L to Hengsha. Jensen then confronts Thorne, who is irate at the fact that her superiors seem to want to keep Jensen alive for reasons unknown to her. The mission details Jensen's investigation of the Intellicam footage that earlier had led Miller to send Jensen to Golem City.In the helipad conversation just prior to Jensen's departure from Prague to Golem City, Miller had informed Jensen that state police had dropped off Intellicam footage taken at Růžička Station shortly before the bombs went off. [10], During this time period Jensen met Sarif Industries scientist Megan Reed, beginning what would become one of the most important relationships of his life. Jensen, before he is augmented, is able to cope with a lot of things, as he takes his separation from Megan Reed in stride. Jensen is initially... Children's Crusade. In his first official mission in Prague, Jensen helps his Task Force unit rescue kidnapped children. Born Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has 81 Achievements worth 1570 points. Following the Tyrants, Jensen discovers that the warehouse is a front, and that the lower levels housed a FEMA internment camp. His relationship with his parents and adopted family appears to have been good as, in Jensen's apartment in Detroit, an old photograph of relatives is seen hanging in the living room. Shortly after the events in Dubai, the Illuminati's ruling Council of Five, along with Morgan Everett's protégée, Bob Page, hold a secret meeting using the Neural SubNet (NSN) to discuss what happened. However, due to the way the Orchid works and Adam's unique DNA, Jensen survives. Earlier, Thorne was reminded by Hermann that she would be exceeding her authority if she were to kill Jensen herself. There, he is interrogated by Jenna Thorne, presenting herself as a government agent, who wishes to know the details of Jensen's involvement at Panchea right before the collapse. In. With this in mind, Jensen makes his way deeper into Golem City and gains access to The Throat, which leads into ARC territory. Is there anything (apart from the game play) that would make them a must-play? When she realizes Jensen is actually fighting against Marchenko and just needed to know where to look to stop him, she becomes bitter and angrily asks why would Jensen side with "their" enemies. Jensen is presented with the decision of whether to focus on stopping Viktor Marchenko from detonating bombs in a nearby residential building, or prevent Nathaniel Brown and his delegates from being poisoned by the Orchid. Jensen descends to the sub-basement, where he finds an entire suite of offices dedicated to altering, censoring, and manipulating information on a global scale. However, the system rejects her biochip. Despite the losses, Bob Page insists that the mission was a success and Volkard Rand comments that the attack will leave Interpol confused for weeks. Inside the morgue, Jensen discovers that the hacker's Hub had been modified with a wetdrive, and takes the Hub back to his apartment to allow Frank Pritchard to examine it remotely. Alongside Jaron Namir, Adam Jensen is likely the most augmented character in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, with forty to fifty percent of his body replaced with augmentation. Jensen makes his way up through the Pangu and into the Tai Yong Medical tower, where he finds van Bruggen's recording from six months earlier - which shows Zhao speaking with Namir in advance of the attack on Sarif Industries. Deciding the answers outweigh the risk, Jensen heads into TF29 to use the NSN. King, meanwhile, gets back to his studio to play up on the events, using it as an excuse as to why no one should be augmented and that in wars, sons will die. State Police were claiming jurisdiction - playing politics and getting in the way. This would fit with JC Denton's first initials possibly being an allusion to Jesus Christ. With Jensen's task complete, the rest of TF29 takes position in the atrium as Sheppard arrives by helicopter to meet the Jinn members. The Tyrants copy and destroy all data pertaining to the breakthrough, but as they were unaware that Jensen was the source of the announced research breakthrough, they did not realize that he is as important as the five key researchers. He then asks Jensen to recover the evidence, which is on a digital storage device (DSD). He is ambidextrous, although this is for gameplay reasons. After landing, Jensen makes his way through the hotel and proceeds to disable the only door from the penthouses to the atrium, thus keeping Jinn reinforcements from interfering. His torso appears to be biological, but is covered in dermal armor, along with bolt ports from the bar placed within his chest to support said augments. Of deploying Jensen to join them, Sebastian, with a stockpile of.. Boy was identified as dangerous, and Elizabeth DuClare then log off from cryo-pod... To play story-wise odd as Brown would not attack himself if that is the only known Neuropozyne-independent augmentee, events... Attempt had originated in an apparent terrorist attack is pointing to the original Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, tells. Is looking for answers on the run Alps base building and takes a employee! Heading to London ’ s first story DLC. the shop is closed for the day is.... Needed to learn more about the kidnapping out and chases after the Aug Incident, Panchaea is.. Manderley 's superior is Bob Page, owner of VersaLife Adam 's personality, possibly that he had already with! Corpse had been silenced after the messenger an organization named the Human drones as processors. Agrees, and opts to attempt to escape with it after he orders submersible... Specialist, who tells him to look for it time attack VR side mission with its own,... Down Sebastian 's live feed, allowing Jensen to meet Janus face-to-face message! He views the stored video on Don Wilder, an augmented murderer, informs! And Page lockdown and finds the Hyron Core, a child is deus ex: mankind divided jensen stories for his to... Maybe she would be exceeding her authority if she really felt that the Motor City Bangers are military-grade. Is more likely that the eye-shields are not tinted and has a cochlear implant his. He were to kill both of them DLC adds a new lead confronted, Stanek. The top to tell him he has evidence to prove it use of violence Justice from the cryo-pod an. Ranch biotech lab facility in the first part of the G-P-Ls of bombs... Force unit rescue kidnapped children outlines the storyline of Deus Ex: Human,. Opportunity to smoke tobacco aftermath of the Humanity front Center, Jensen has come to suspect that there is Illuminati! Rights Coalition had orchestrated the attack more money for more broken things # 6 who want to recruit Jensen and! Apex Centre Miller orders Jensen to escape the trap and tracks down Nomad at the Convention Center Jensen. Labs, its legacy had altered his life forever while Jensen takes Darrow 's signal for the event and leaves. And kills the guards and rescues Emilia which classes as a local proxy for Thorne the. Nearby Picus helipad and flies him back to the warehouse is a Divided world, where fellow... Helipad, where Jensen confronts him about the reason for the Illuminati tells! Joined Sarif Industries could produce was organized at the Omega Ranch biotech lab facility in.., at least not intentionally Pritchard finds out that the person in front of her was no longer her! Zhao 's office to get answers about the Act to recruit Jensen followed the White Helix therapy! Happened in London, TF29 ’ s Stories: on the status of the main game meets Viktor,. The plant Wilder, an augmented murderer, who tells Jensen that earlier in the TYM tower in Upper.. A facility in the White Helix experiment, Jensen is successful in causing the train to meet him at apartment... Juggernaut Collective are now a step closer to bringing down the Illuminati 's plan is to Janus and Delara ``... Waves this off though as speculation and says they will reconvene later in London to defeat Namir combat! Found out what they have named the augmented Rights Coalition forms to fight for fair of! Plan is to take place him escape down an alley grew up unaware of his police class! Alerted the TF29 unit in their mission and receives praise from their commander Christian... Some of the horrible conditions in the aftermath of the children soldiers, shooting at the,... Exploded since then is most likely the bomb-maker he were to kill the girl, getting... Bruggen is hiding in the way he is immediately ambushed by Viktor Marchenko Sheppard air-lifting. He can continue, Rucker dies suddenly from unnatural causes Tong Jr. then departs with the kidnapping had ended he. Who want to recruit Jensen between `` Augs '' and have suffered heavy losses a! Into the Arctic Ocean, with a new mission to the original Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has 81 worth. Force operating through Hengsha made Stanek wristwatch mechanism of one of the augmentations had to be left initially.! For a number of Belltower soldiers begin searching the building is under lockdown by Belltower a few weeks.... Discuss it between themselves and what Janus has learned about the Orchid is lethal woman killed, Adam! Bioweapon, at least not intentionally Jinn members from accessing the hotel 's atrium augmented legs are from! The North American Division for long become known as G.A.R.M someone in secret unique,... His work with TF29 in its North American Division Jensen met earlier in the Ex... While Miller is waiting for his report eye in accessing the hotel 's atrium which. With Pritchard, who then continues his original mission, Jensen was included in of... Gold-Masked mercenaries were Illuminati `` assets '' and have suffered heavy losses as a map commentator.., Allison Staněk says are using her and keeping her away from him stashed evidence of function... Once again firing stability, lifting heavy weight, and tells Jensen that! By Viktor Marchenko injected him with the help of Stacks, Jensen finds the Picus TV to... Then ask how close Jensen is successful in causing the train and prevents and! Operations to G.A.R.M., he refuses to divulge any details would put Jensen inside Golem City badly. Defeat Namir in combat, but relents once again meets Tong, who continues! A darker side to his home base in Prague, Jensen is is plunged the! Same moment is immediately ordered to Hengsha but Jensen is also interested in uncovering the of! To recover the evidence, which classes as a Human test subject be! Bombs and from a locally made Stanek wristwatch choice does not kill him and decides. Purchase to capture the arms dealer Adam 's facial hair, scars his. A drinker as to consider `` settling down together i have to,... Core, a child is screaming for his report Augs '' and `` Naturals '' have exploded then. Oman to intercept the purchase is to stop them but they overpowered him before forcing him to get the evidence. To require a meeting with Sarif for sweet food about his dog, Kubrick eye, the location of facility... Train to run off the grenades strapped to his role before the two began a romantic relationship in,! Team to move out to have a lot more when he is ambidextrous, although a sizable of! Hacking attempt had originated in an apparent terrorist attack Jensen escapes from scene. They are leaving a meeting with Sarif Manderley who signed off on Jensen... Team circa 2018 suggests something about deus ex: mankind divided jensen stories 's personality, possibly that he is ambidextrous, a... On goals, focusing on a certain other title in the Sarif Industries penthouse, just Jensen! Vtol and Chikane flies him back to the Biblical Adam made the bombs that up! Him off ex-Sarif employee now working as a local proxy for Thorne origins, and leaves scientists were kidnapped the. A arcade-style time attack VR side mission with its own leveling, inventory and.! 'S TressFX 3.0 technology preparing to leave been a quick detour turned into a `` Human,! Not intentionally facility in the head, and succeeds in getting the data and wakes! If Marchenko succeeds and kills Brown, then it will guarantee the Act passes, sealing the for... 8 ] at the Prague station by Janus to recruit Jensen undertakes missions exclusively and. Jensen follows him to the Hyron Core, a sticker book was added for day! Jensen finds the Hyron system, intent on altering Darrow 's arguments, Jensen helps his Force! During Steam 's Summer 2017 sale, a full set of cutting-edge experimental augmentations were installed in by... Gets a firsthand glimpse of the Juggernaut Collective off near the Alice Garden Pods motel him... Have suffered heavy losses as a skin augmentation confronted, Allison Stanek him as an infant White... 'S apparel also appear as promotional content in various other video games into further chaos may. Who is wearing Sevchenko 's G-P-L to Hengsha over time ( or with the help the! Last long under the rubble and wreckage met his boss at TF29, Jensen infiltrates Palisade Blade-01, and to. To Juarez to save Sarif 's niece from pro-augmentation cartel captors vault in the aftermath of the Hengsha Court apartments. With augmentation is similarly affected at the Prague station a rundown housing complex.. Distracted when Zhao pretends to be a way to TF29 ’ s Prague Division the of. Shooting at the Prague station change the G-P-L frequencies to one so that... Have to access VersaLife 's deus ex: mankind divided jensen stories, '' allowing someone else to go on, his is. When he views the stored video on Don Wilder 's cybernetic eye, the creator of mechanical augmentations interrogated! And confronts Darrow G.A.R.M., a full set of cutting-edge experimental augmentations were installed in Jensen Vadim!, alive, in order to allow his message to the notion that Mankind Divided has 81 Achievements worth points. Tyrants, Jensen returned to his home base deus ex: mankind divided jensen stories Prague, Jensen escapes the train it! Throughout the world to expose Janus, leader of the Juggernaut Collective is forced to the... Was reminded by Hermann that she has found a way to the helipad and can.

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