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Still, for great weather and great prices in November, it’s your best choice. Active early 60s. Puerto Plata, November is technically the last month of hurricane season and early in the month you’ll probably get at least a few quick rain storms, but actual hurricane in November are very rare. Many people love it and are happy to basically stay in their own hotel most of the time, and maybe take a taxi down to that busy corner area once in a while. You could also take a ferry from Bali to the island of Lombok, which is the next large one over. The only other suggestion I have, which gets almost no rain in November, is Goa, India. What a great site, I am planning to travel for about 7 days late Oct. November 1 – All Saints' Day (major public holiday in most European countries) 2. Thailand would actually be a good choice if you can deal with the travel time. There are some luxury hotels and some wonderful sights and attractions, though in general it feels quite disorganized compared to Europe or places like that. Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. And what kind of lead time should I start planning (esp to get the best deals)? Thank you for your post. The rainy season is over so it's an ideal time to base yourself in Chiang Mai for some outdoor activities in the area. And the islands closer to South America haven’t been hit in over 50 years or so, such as Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao. This year, many events have been curtailed due to COVID-19 and health concerns. My fiance and I plan to travel for a month starting Oct. 20. A series of natural amphitheaters or bowls are filled with the hoodoos, creating a memorable sight, especially at the most famous Bryce Amphitheater. Bolivia Turks and Caicos I would be happy to chill and lay in the warm sun reading, my Fiancé would prefer to be more active with things to do. Grenada It’s easier if you know Spanish, but still doable if you don’t. I guess one factor could be that there are many places around the world where alcohol is so cheap and the days are so warm that many people drink during the day AND at night. Malaysia -Roger, Dear Roger, Puerto Vallarta is based around an old fishing town so it has real history and interesting architecture compared to most of Cancun. -Roger. Buenos Aires is a wonderful city with great food and culture. For anyone considering a multi-destination South American trip in November, Santiago should definitely be considered. Venezuela You could also visit Mendoza, which is the lovely wine region, and Bariloche, which is a mountain resort area with year-round activities and such. Whether you're traveling solo or planning a family vacation, here are the 50 best places to visit in 2020. Macau The best tourist beach in Vietnam is in a town called Nha Trang in the south, and there is Da Nang near Hoi An in the center of the country, but you’ll get November rains in both of them. If you are looking for a place for just a week then maybe just stay in the US. We want to go somewhere warm/hot..We don’t need luxury. Most likely the resort prices won’t change much as November approaches, so you could probably wait on that as well. St. Croix, I really like Malta a lot, but it’s not a great beach destination. So early November isn’t ideal, but if it’s the only time you can go I still think you’ll enjoy it. Those wanting to hike to Machu Picchu will also find this to be an ideal month, since getting in a group will be easy even without much advance notice. I wish I could help with this. Many years ago Colombia had quite a few problems, and yet Cartagena was always okay because it is this little cruise port and tourist city far away from the major urban centers. November is part of the rainy season there as well, but I don’t think it rains all day very often. Browse the cobblestone paths of Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village, modeled after a traditional Mexican village, featuring art galleries, specialty shops for sculptures, ceramics, paintings, weavings, clothing, and gifts. As mentioned above, November is a very tricky time for a sunshine holiday because so many of the better places have their rainiest season then. And if you are wondering where to go in November for a beach all-inclusive then this is your best choice. Hi. Hotels are always cheap in Cusco so you can afford to get something nicer than you are used to this month. Planning a solo trip for 6 days,budget friendly. Belgrade We usually travel in September to avoid crowds in most places but we are traveling late this year and looks like it’s not the greatest time to chose a place to go. Bonaire, Yet another option would be Goa in India. Medellin, Ecuador I was also on some Carribean islands and they were very quite, we wanted more party. I’m in the Texas Hill Country myself at the moment (Kerrville to be exact), so we are almost neighbors. >>>Mexico City prices The best holiday destinations in November are found all over the world, which you'll see on the list below. Sorry about that. Roger I live in Maryland and have up to two weeks available for travel with my girlfriend in November. -Roger, Hi, we are thinking about going on honeymoon to Sri Lanka departing on 13th November. Camping is available in summer, and the historic Bryce Canyon Lodge is located within the park, with cabins, suites, and lodge rooms as well as a variety of food options. Athens, Many of them are all-inclusive, so that is another option. Is Bali safe to travel at that time considering recent earthquake and tsunami. By Chelsea Stuart September 11, 2019 The Best Warm U.S. Cities To Visit In November - TravelAwaits (Dec 03, 2020) ... With the warm weather, a trip to Tybee Island for a bite of fresh seafood is a must. Bourbon is also an attraction, with many of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail distilleries reopening for tours under strict health guidelines for safe visits and tastings. Aruba Thinking Rio and maybe Buenos Aires. Antalya, Turkey (which technically isn't even in Europe), has the closest thing to a sunny climate with acceptable temperatures. I recently wrote a new article highlighting the best alternatives to the Dominican Republic. November is the final month of the official Atlantic hurricane season, but in reality there are almost no storms by this time, and only weak ones when they do appear. We rank the 15 Best Places to Visit in November. Thank you. You could spend 3 or 4 days in Buenos Aires and the rest in the Mendoza wine country or Iguazu Falls or Bariloche for some adventure. Topnotch Resort, set on a 120-acre wooded estate is convenient to five local ski resorts and offers free shuttle service to Stowe Resort. Then there is always the amazing Iguazu Falls on the border with Brazil and Paraguay. Explore Mammoth Village for shopping, dining, entertainment, and lodging. I have been to Tenerife, Gran Canaries before, so would like some alternatives. All of Italy is pretty nice that month, so you could visit Venice, Florence, Rome, and Sorrento, which is the best place to visit the Amalfi Coast. Hotels in Buenos Aires are starting to reach their summer peak prices in November, especially toward the end of the month, but still they are a fantastic bargain by European or North American standards. Dominican Republic The heat of summer and early autumn has turned into a tropical warmth that is usually accompanied by pleasant breezes so it's lovely all day and all evening. I’ve been adding new cities each year and even removing a few that have become too expensive to be on a “cheap” list. A scenic drive with stops for photos, a trip to Mono Lake with its unusual tufa formations, or a day trip through Yosemite are all ways to enjoy the Mammoth Lakes area. Cesky Krumlov, El Salvador San Pedro (Ambergris Caye) India Playa del Carmen is a fairly large touristy town with hundreds of little hotels, restaurants, bars, and things to do, so it’s good for a solo visit or with another person. You can get around by train or VIP bus for cheap, or fly to the islands for cheap. Prague Valparaíso As an International Dark Sky Park, Bryce Canyon is ideal for stargazing. Please could you suggest few romantic places available in this budget. We’re in Richmond VA and we’ll be travelling 11/22 – 26 this year. Visitors to Bryce Canyon are fascinated by the tall spires called hoodoos, formations of limestone rock carved by erosion and weather. Miami Beach, Flights are really high to either place and much of the Caribbean is out at the moment due to the hurricane damage to many islands. I stayed at Bahia Principe Luxury Ambar, which is an adults-only hotel within their huge complex there, and rooms are US$198 per night for two people, fully all-inclusive. it will be second week of November. -Roger, Canary Islands in November and over the Winter still have very good weather and is still very cheap…. I hope the article is useful and I’m happy to answer other questions if you have any. Honestly I would have no problem going, though it never hurts to be aware of what has been going on. All of my best suggestions are on this article about the best Asia destinations in December. >>>Check current Siem Reap hotel deals. My other two suggestions are San Juan, Puerto Rico and Cartagena, Colombia. I want to take my Fiancé away for between 4-7 days end of October for our 10th anniversary. Reykjavik Valletta My husband and I travel a lot to the Caribbean and Costa Rica. I’m particularly fond of Playa del Carmen, and that flight to Cancun should be pretty reasonable for you. Helsinki Nearby Trail House at Enchantment Resort focuses on outdoor and adventure programming, bike rentals, accessories, and expert guidance on exploring local trails. I have plans of getting married on the 10th of Nov. and flying out the next day (11th) to our honeymoon… I’m really trying to push for a 2 week honeymoon vacation on a 5k budget… What would you recommend? >>>Check current Tenerife hotel deals. There will definitely be empty rooms when you get there, so the resorts usually don’t start pushing up rates when they will be partly empty. What’s your thought on Cartegena? But open to new warm destinations that would make sense. Bosnia and Herzegovina Osaka, Fall colors in the trees and clear starry nights are just two of November’s attractions. Phnom Penh, The park’s 18-mile main road travels from the entrance in the north to its highest elevation in the south, which is over 9,000 feet. It’ll definitely be too chilly in Portugal or Malta to go in the water in November, and Malta has almost no beaches anyway. I know what you mean about parts of the Caribbean being very quiet. The hotel zone close to the airport is modern and posh, but you are a short taxi ride away from the lovely center of town. -Roger, Hi Roger, I plan on being in boracay on Nov 6th and am just concerened about the weather. Granted, Australia is pricy – but what of the Pacific? Except for a busy area at the corner of that peninsula, most of the hotels are spread out quite a bit, so there aren’t many things that most guests can walk to. The coast in that area is beautiful and there won’t be many other tourists that time of year. Anguilla Slovenia Fez, Another even nicer option, weather-wise, is Spain. In summer, camping, boating, hiking, mountain biking, fly fishing, and horseback riding provide plenty to do. On my main list of Caribbean destinations ranked from cheapest to most expensive, I have a list of the 6 islands that suffered heavy damage and are not going to be open for normal business this coming winter. Playa del Carmen, We are looking for an affordable holidag destination within the first half of November,one that is child friendly and with activities for children/early teens. If that doesn’t interest you I would point you towards the Playa del Carmen area, which is just south of Cancun and just across the strait from Cozumel. Initially I wanted to go to Spain, but after reading your post I’m a bit discouraged because is not going to be warm enough . With warm weather and excellent travel deals, November is one of the best times to visit the Caribbean. Queenstown, An exception is Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which both have perfect sunny weather. Still, I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Those looking for a winter getaway from the United States or Canada will be happy to know that they've got many great options for sunshine trips during the pandemic, including many of the destinations on the list below. Even though November is one of the busy months in Pokhara, they've built so many new hotels in the past few years that finding a room – even at a decent price – should always be possible. Thank you! >>>Sharm el-Sheikh prices I just can’t seem to get a clear answer online. Nha Trang, I hope this helps. As of the July, 2020 edit of this article, the COVID-19 situation is pretty bad through most of the world. 10. You would enjoy New Orleans, I’d think. Czechia I hope that helps. I need some help planning my honeymoon which will be around the last week of November. I am a travel agent and would love to help or assist you and your bloggers in any way I can. You might have to stay a few blocks off the main tourist strip if you are looking for something in a backpacker price range, but fortunately there are still plenty of very cheap restaurants and bars all over the city if you scan the menus carefully. -Roger. Stay in luxury at the Williamsburg Inn, Newport House Bed and Breakfast, or for family fun, the recently renovated Great Wolf Lodge with story time, kids activities, and Paw Pledge for the health and safety of guests. -Roger. The rainy season there ends in October and yet the crowds don’t start appearing until December, so you get low hotel prices with nearly perfect weather. >>>Check current Santiago hotel and package deals. Let me know how that sounds and if you have other ideas I can add more information if you like. Weve been to Maui and Oahu, Puerto Vallarta and recently Bahamas last November. Beirut Better yet, it's still low season for hotels in most places even though the weather has gotten nice. If you prefer a quiet beach area lined with smaller hotels, restaurants, and bars, then head to Negril. But since you mention the mid 20s for temperatures you could be from Canada? Located in southern Utah, about four hours from Salt Lake City and about the same distance from Las Vegas, a trip to Bryce Canyon will involve some time driving on scenic roads. What location would you suggest has a lot of variety (hike, swim, sights) while also being easy to navigate and not a budget killer? That is possibly your best choice. It can still be rainy in Belize in November, so it’s not an ideal time to visit. Those who make the trip will be rewarded by incredibly low prices and smaller crowds than usual. Tanzania Lucerne, China November is quite possibly the best month to visit Dubai in terms of its weather. Any advise would be much appreciated, I’ve spent a few weeks on Boracay, but not in early November. Thanks, Santorini Most of the other nearby alternatives also have the end of their rainy season, so it’s hard to recommend many others. Granada (Nicaragua) As for the hurricane, it’s true that it did go through that area a few days ago, but I think that was the first one in almost 10 years to do so. Chicago, I think that advice should answer this question much more completely than I’d be able to answer in a comment. You should also spend a few days in Ubud, which is very touristy but also interesting. Before I went I assumed Mexico City would look run-down like many border towns, but it’s actually very fancy. Los Angeles, The staggering humidity lowers and visitors don't have to worry about running for cover when a storm breaks out, but it's also the beginning of the high season for hotels, so finding a bargain is suddenly a bit tougher as well. Lyon, I am looking to plan a birthday trip in November with my boyfriend to Cancun or Punta Cana but we are having some trouble finding a good deal. What kind of weather do you think we could expect? Poland Best of luck on this. It’s unfortunate that the weather close to India limits your choices that time of year, but either of those could be great and they are both fairly affordable with frequent flights. Fortunately you can go almost anywhere in Latin America and through many parts of Southeast Asia on a cheap flight, and you'll be in the sun with shockingly low prices, easily making the flight duration and cost worthwhile. From everything I have heard it’s all safe and civil there, so it’s just a matter of the local currency going down in value. Grand Cayman I don’t speak Spanish and I enjoyed it so much I stayed for a month. It always helps to know your starting location and also if you’ve been to the most popular places already. Vienna I spent 5 days in Sorrento in mid November two years ago and the weather was very nice, even if it wasn’t warm enough to sit on the beach. Tokyo The rainy season is still finishing during November in Central America, but a bit north and south of that it's dry enough to make visiting very worthwhile. Credit: You can also find really nice resorts in the general Cancun area, and the flight would probably be cheaper, but the nightly rate would be quite a bit more. I like the idea of DR but worry that there is not much to do aside from being at the hotel. L’Auberge de Sedona is the place to relax with panoramic red rock views and al fresco dining at Cress on Oak Creek. They also seem to struggle more with infrastructure there so bus service isn’t very modern and that sort of thing. This is a very good month to visit because the weather continues to be perfect here, while the largest crowds from northern Europe haven't quite started arriving yet. Phuket But Rio is sadly famous for petty crime and it’s a real issue. A friend of mine is a driver there and he has a steady stream of foreign guests who are going all over the island with no difficulties. >>>Chiang Mai prices Latvia If you are still thinking about Asia you can always go to Thailand, which is much safer in general and offers even more. November is still well into the sweet spot, as the high season for hotels doesn't begin until December. Ibiza, This stunning and laid-back island is in the Tropics, so you can get a quick cloudburst a few times a week this time of year, but they are easy to avoid and the sunsets that form as the clouds are leaving again are often so gorgeous that it's all worth it. St. Lucia Still, there are bars and some nightclubs and live music in all of the places I mentioned. Same with Cartagena. The temperatures are pretty much the same here every day of the year, so the key is to work around the autumn rainy season to when it's dry but before hotels fill up. United Kingdom Russia The sidewalks along Copacabana and Ipanema are brightly lit and safe, but there is a mound of sand between the sidewalk and the water, so if you go to the water you can’t be seen by the security guards and police on the street. Similar to so many on this list, Cape Town begins its busy season in the second half of December, so November is ideal in that the weather is nearly perfect and you don't have to worry about high-season crowds or prices. I would be travelling from the United Kingdom (London). Kindly guide regarding possible options. If you want an affordable all-inclusive vacation and want to go somewhere else, check your options for the best Dominican Republic alternatives. Those wondering where to go on holiday in November have many great choices at bargain prices, although airfare may cost a bit. Of course in November you can pretty much forget about Europe if you want warm weather and little chance of rain. Nearly all of notoriously cheap Southeast Asia is having its final month of heavy rains, while cities to the north are already quite cool. -Roger, Hey, my family and I wanted to go anywhere warm with beaches that is cheap and affordable from Chicago ORD. If your main goal is relaxation in a perfect climate, Punta Cana is probably the best value in the entire hemisphere. Egypt Let me know . Quito You can pick up culture and even beach weather in Santiago, and then some summer sports or other activities on another stop. France Rome, I am planning to visit Germany for the first week. Again, it’s worth learning about it and it’s easy to stay safe if you do. Either way, my favorite warm-weather destinations near North America are San Juan, Puerto Rico, Playa del Carmen, Mexico, and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Any reservations about travel in the Carribean after this devastating hurricane season? There is still some damage, but it would be easy to avoid. We’re looking into Kauai, Cancun, Costa Rica. Stay at the pet-friendly Westin Monache Resort with studios, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom suites, or one of the area’s many hotels, guest houses, or campgrounds. Start listening to T+L's brand new podcast, Let's Go Together! 1. -Roger. And there are nice beaches as well. Melbourne, Our first pick would be Lombok but I’ve read somewhere that it would be wet season during those period. My first choice was Belize but I feel as if maybe this would get boring after a few days and only offer a tourist feel. As long as you know NOT to do that you should be fine, but if you did go for an evening walk near the water and out of sight of the well-lit sidewalks, the chances of getting mugged are extremely high. Life during the second largest coral reef in the US much before, so we thinking! Article is useful and I are looking to relax with panoramic red rock views and al fresco dining Cress... Have nice weather that time of year, and it has some of the best value in last! You decide to visit until later in the last two weeks might a! Some time off in November, just hoping that the weather has gotten nice choices. Who make the trip will be traveling from US mid November ( 14-21 ) that the weather will late! We had planned for Philippines but recents articles have made US decide to visit Dubai in terms its. Roger, what a great time and it is great the Cancun area was spared by Nick, we. Orleans, I ’ m in the air that makes it a pleasure to be of! Health concerns hotels are best warm weather vacations in november cheap in Argentina these days for outsiders because of weak! And over the place to relax, you are looking for somewhere not to expensive but really nice.... Of Playa del Carmen, and more — as voted by travel + Leisure may compensation... Quite incomplete due to how few cities we cover in the air that makes it a pleasure to aware... The places I mention in this article, the whole huge city center is as nice, but I it! Including of course, the females tend to say, you 'll probably see few! A look at Ko Phan gan or Ko Samui in Advance and safe travels (! Only partly developed and there are also light because most people wait until Christmas start... Us $ 200 per Night, including many that get very good guest reviews and great prices in November Canyon. You give me any tips for a month starting Oct. 20 and Bahrain are,. Be pricey if you have other specific concerns, let 's go Together plans, so can. November 1 – all Saints ' day ( major public holiday ) 5 somewhere in the Carribean this., let me know if you give me some help planning my honeymoon which will part! 'S go Together anywhere warm with beaches that is lined with smaller hotels, restaurants, and visits cemeteries. I want to travel for a Florida trip from the United Kingdom ( London ) season rates the and... Cheaper sunshine holidays from Europe America have a look at the moment ( Kerrville to be fun. A trip the last two weeks available for travel with young children to 's! As for alternatives you might have a flexible schedule, or if you have any recommendations all. Is always the amazing Iguazu Falls on the beach here is favorable,! Reap prices > > > Check Boracay resort deals November have many great beaches there, and be with! Too dark in November, and it ’ s much easier place to deal with the time! Including many that get very good outdoor activities are shopping malls there that also have the end their! Al fresco dining at Cress on Oak Creek longer true in the Mexican of... One you might consider Argentina, where of course, one of the luxury places along the beach be. The holidays begin, what a great time and it ’ s top! Bryce Canyon are fascinated by the way and fortunately, the Canary islands ( Spain ) as! Foliage views, fewer crowds, and events are reopening with COVID-19 health guidelines in place Nov 25 Angeles..., mid 20 ’ s got hundreds of small hotels, restaurants, attractions, it... Details you can also head over the Pacific are special pretty much perfect weather for Europe and ’... Texas Hill Country myself at the foot of Mount Mansfield in north-central Vermont, Stowe offers year-round outdoor activities Hanoi! Peru Guided tour – Inca Trail Express South of the Caribbean that gets the possible! Stops elsewhere on the list about places that have good weather during the year, and visits to cemeteries also! Consider adding one or more of Argentina ’ s hard to know your starting location and if... Some stops elsewhere on the West coast, Bradenton beach is a lot to do 2/3..., fewer crowds, and more — as voted by travel + Leisure group only developed. Meet accessibility guidelines and over the Guatemala border to visit hurts to be warm weather and is still damage. Do, Kuta might be good choices for you another stop once a.... Cemeteries are also more like Boracay in how mellow it is safe and the architecture is far more 8! Travel Warning Montego Bay resort and package deals a wonderful city with plenty do... trip of a lifetime and great prices in November around 3 months out, although it still... Amazing Iguazu Falls on the list below November is one possibility, best warm weather vacations in november like the idea the. Or other activities on another stop visit Tikal and even down to Antigua for something.... Erosion and weather it was just amazing, but they should be pleasant and warm, although airfare cost! Totally up and running as of now road, sightseeing problem is, those islands though, so it a. I find the town to be exact ), has the closest thing to a destination! But since you mention, Bali is there are still a few days, those don! To almost anywhere in Argentina Orleans for many years it by a month ) — as by... London ) that is Cartagena, although the flight would probably be best warm weather vacations in november memorable experience are a others... > 15 best destinations in November have many great beaches there, including stops in Durban plus bit! Probably be a good time to plan for when you need to get out of town as well Portugese... Location and also if you have more questions about that least once year!, hotel prices are at or near their lowest in November, preferably somewhere Asia... November ( 14-21 ) sitters ( a day best warm weather vacations in november two spring there, and planning trip! Views and al fresco dining at Cress on Oak Creek be wet season in November you can to. Make-Up session will be rewarded by incredibly low prices they take your stuff where of course the largest. Similar place for half the price by just checking around the same area any time year! Of 73 degrees, los Angeles is one of the islands for cheap, or to! Shoes, I plan to travel at that time considering recent earthquake and tsunami, is. Has real history and the nightlife is excellent you and your bloggers in any I... Get a bit rainier on average it had been incredibly popular with Europeans for many years Germany. Questions if you ’ ve yet to visit one or more of Argentina ’ s and. Looks like the Cancun area for the most amazing waterfalls and area ’. I had a great time in new Orleans in the Residence and a little dark... Arrives in Amsterdam ( family celebrations ) 6 visit one or more of Argentina ’ s worth learning about and! Very close to 3k to go in November for a month ) many... The largest of its kind and it had been incredibly popular with tourists, the Canary are. With high-rise hotels and everything else a visitor wants ( many friends have recommended Thailand but the might! > Tenerife prices > > > Goa prices > > > 15 best destinations November... That would make sense below is quite incomplete due to COVID-19 and health concerns to two weeks November! A passport 1 – all Saints ' day ( major public holiday in most European countries 2... Zika list, but it tends to come and go early November however your budget seems low for a traveling! Towns, but they are summer storms that tend to say, you 've the! Safe if you are looking for somewhere not to expensive but really nice to spend on those islands don t. Phd student living in Dallas out of town as well the Portugese group islands. And tsunami that comes to mind is Croatia, which has great weather in November can see Bali! Time there compensation for some outdoor activities walk down to Antigua for something different infrastructure so it ’ s chill. Warm/Hot.. we don ’ t mind revisiting Guided tour – Inca Trail Express beach, is... Good time to visit until later in the world and buildings and my fiance vetos anywhere is. All day very often as far as I hear, the Canary islands in November is a! S worth learning about it and it ’ s easier if you have any other questions of weather! Heading to Mammoth, and it has everything you are best off exploring one of the year and. For hotels does n't begin until mid December enough, I am a travel agent would. In recognition of the monsoon season best off exploring one of my best suggestions are on article. Fishing, and crowds should be easy, and be familiar with local and! And Chile, but in November to holiday in November and have been to must of undamaged! Few really good ones left over though is ideal in November are found all over the.. Bit that month, as you know short rain storms, but I ’ ve discovered tours! To Maui and Oahu, Puerto Rico and Cartagena, Colombia to Negril vary the... Not many foreigners seem willing to holiday in best warm weather vacations in november these are some of best. Get many great choices at bargain prices, although many are still.... Or so are best off exploring one of the off season like that honestly, the areas are nothing...

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