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India is cheaper as long as you minimize time in Mumbai and other big cities, but that is good advice for many reasons. I’m not sure what you mean by “cool weather.” I’ll assume that you are interested in someplace warm instead of blistering heat, but if you really want cold weather I’d make different suggestions. -Roger. Kuala Lumpur is a modern and pleasant big city. Bangkok, koh pangyan, hanoi and goa were a bit too much and difficult to get to make friends with other travellers. Our tentative dates are in such a way that we will celebrate the Christmas at one of the destinations . It’s reasonably warm there during December, and there is quite a bit to do. Granada (Spain), Hi, I am from the African Continent and have travelled extensively in December in this region as it is our summer vacations. You’ll want to rent a car as well, as getting around is difficult without one. If not Europe can you suggest any other place ? Another non-beach option in your area would be the mountains and national parks of Sri Lanka. -Roger, 1What about Belize? I don’t recommend it for everybody, but healthcare in those areas is extremely cheap and of pretty good quality. It can rain a bit in December, but I find it more welcoming than Thailand, and at least as comfortable. I love a lot about Vietnam, although like many other people, I’m not crazy about how you always have to be on guard for people trying to scam you there. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. James Bond Island and Koh Panyee are two famous spots in the Bay. It is slowly getting discovered as a go-to place for tourists seeking a vacation in natures lap. 🙂, Thanks, Kelly. I’ve only been to Norway in the summer and I’ve not gone skiing in Europe, so I can’t be of my help with those. The weather in the places you are planning is actually fairly mild, and none of them are too far north. You can spend a day or two here. But Sri Lanka has many similarities to India, as you may know. Still without I highly recommend. I’m happy to help with more recommendations if you let me know more about your goals. Uruguay is an interesting place. Goa is a collection of beach towns, some of which are filled with raucous Westerners all winter. I have been reading the thread with great interest. As for flight connections, Barcelona and Madrid should have decent connections to Toronto and Delhi, while Casablanca (Morocco’s largest airport) probably does not. We are here to tell you the best places you can visit in December on a budget! Santa Monica Beach, Los Angeles 2. Spend at least 3 days in each of the big cities (London, Paris, Rome) and one or two in the others. If the Caribbean sounds better, I’ll recommend Puerto Rico. Vietnam is really lovely and cheap as well. Romania Although Battambang is 7 hours from Phnom Penh, don’t miss this experience as it appears in not so many places. The driest and coolest month of the year, Bangkok is ideal during December, or at least as ideal as it's ever going to get. Kyoto, Copenhagen Bergen, -Roger. Let me know if you have any other questions. Orchard road has the best malls and luxury hotels in the city. Or if you wanted to spend some time on a beach you could instead go to one of Thailand’s islands. -Roger. We are not the beach type. At 1000 sq km area, this park is the most well conserved national park in Asia. Cusco, She prefer Europe . I agree luang prabang is a nice city eventhough 3 days is enough, like seriously enough. I was thinking more about a really nice place that was easy and with great weather. You could go to Goa, which is hot and dry in December. -Roger. There are a lot of great choices, including all of the busiest ones, that were untouched by the storms. Feel free to comment again with any other questions and I can help you narrow it down a bit more if you like. Nepal It’s how I describe what you are and the quality of information gleaned from this website. You can get cheaper flights into Cancun, and there is a wide variety of offerings once you are there. Philippines Let me know if you have any other questions. I’m thinking principally of staying in Ubud, Sanur or Seminyak for the type of trip I have in mind which is equal parts warm weather, walking/discovering, culture and some beach life. Any suggestions on budget destination(s). Being from Singapore I assume you know all about the best choices in Malaysia, Thailand, and Cambodia. I’ve yet to make it to Quito or Bogota, and to be honest I don’t hear many raves about either of them. Malta would have decent weather as well, but I think the nightlife there is pretty dead during the colder months because they don’t get many visitors. Hopefully this helps, and let me know if you have other questions. Interestingly, the fact that a country itself celebrates Christmas (or even New Years) doesn’t matter because all the rich countries do so those people fly wherever it’s warm. I also remember hearing that it’s really only pregnant or potentially pregnant women that are at much risk, so perhaps that is what you are implying with the kids in their 30s. Most of the attractions are indoors as well, including the Grand Bazaar, so it should be enjoyable. We are greatfull for ideas and tips that point us in the right direction. Phuket is the largest Thai island by far and it’s got over a dozen different beach areas and towns to choose from. Venezuela I need to do this on the cheap. >>>Bangkok prices and travel tips Nassau You can plan a romantic escape to the countryside and be treated like royalty at the Castle in the Country Inn near Allegan, Michigan. Most people are happier paying a bit more to stay near the river and all the tourist attractions, or even in the infamous Khosan Road backpacker district, which is cheap and fun, if tacky. -Roger. In colder weather it’s probably better to focus on the great cities rather than places more known for scenery and outdoor activities. Cartagena is becoming a very popular winter beach destination for people from North America, and it's still a fantastic bargain compared to better known places, but it might not stay that way forever. But once you go inland, it’s kind of falling apart, and it’s not even very “Indian” because it was run by the Portuguese until about 60 years ago. On Malaysia the best beach area is the island of Penang, which is just off the coast and connected to the mainland by bridges (and ferries). That have become a feeling to you, rather 🙂 cheers. If you are in the eastern US or Canada it’s probably faster and cheaper to go to Cancun and if you are in the west Puerto Vallarta is better. Germany You can get cheap flights between Mexico City and Cancun or Puerto Vallarta, for example. There are so many resorts and hotels on Phuket that you tend to get very good value. Los Cabos, New York City, I can help much more with this if you decide to go to the Maldives. Two of the easier other choices would be London or Madrid. And Bangkok itself is a very impressive city that won’t remind you much of Delhi. We dont want any south east asian countries…we dont want South Africa..Seychelles..Mauritius..Maldives..Australia..NZ..nor the US or Carribean Islands. It is also the time when most traditional festivals happen. Somewhere warmer than England and child friendly (for our kids, age 4 and 7) would be nice. As I mentioned before, my first safari will probably be in 2017. -Roger. You can access it by cable car, bus, and metro. Virgin Islands, British -Roger. If you go south you hit Australia, which is very expensive by most SEA standards (although not bad by Singapore standards). Zanzibar City However, since you live in South Florida and understandably don’t want to go someplace even hotter during the only semi cool time of the year, it sounds like you are ruling out most of the Tropics. I like natural beauty and cool weather and some night life in clubs…. Guilin, Another option would be to focus on Italy’s Big 3 cities of Rome, Florence, and Venice. And it’s also hard to avoid cliches for a list like this, because I honestly feel that most of the places on these sorts of lists are great. Small limestone islands with thick vegetation jut out from the water dramatically. I hope this helps. Lyon, For a longer list see our best December destinations in Asia choices, which includes some of these but quite a few more. Sweden we are from england. Bahamas Have a splendid week ahead. >>>Check current Dubai hotel deals. I know what you mean. You can also rent a car and drive to the same places where you can stay in cabins in holiday parks/campgrounds, and small hotels and guest houses are reasonably priced as well. The food there is excellent, as it’s a fusion of French and traditional Asian. The only places I’ve visited in Brazil at this point are Rio de Janeiro and the Iguazu Falls area. Shanghai, Sao Paulo If you are looking for a place to go abroad for a few months starting in early December, you are right on the money with Thailand as the best starting location. Really appreciated. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. You’ll be doing some driving and looking, but after a few hours of that you can stop at a campground and have plenty of things to do such as hiking or water sports and much more. The Chitwan National Park has Royal Bengal Tigers and one-horned Rhinos as the star attraction. 🙂 And what is Colombia like? The Canary Islands are much farther south so they have acceptable beach weather almost all year, although you might get some cooler days in March as well. It is popular with tourists and expats, but it’s not an overly touristy city so it never seems too crowded. If you haven’t been to the San Blas Islands in Panama that is another possibility, although it isn’t as easy to reach. If you ask specific questions about the help you need, I’ll try to help. The thing is though, that even Sicily is quite chilly in December so they might close down for the season. I think two weeks in Spain and Portugal could be very nice, with reasonable weather and relatively low prices. Let me know if you have any other questions. I went to a hospital once in Chiang Mai and I saw an English-speaking doctor for about US$7, and spent another US$25 or so on a prescription. -Roger. I really like Kuala Lumpur and have spent quite a bit of time there, but honestly compared to Singapore it seems a bit untidy and old fashioned. In the rest of the region it’s easy to book tours and buses and such, but in Vietnam the travel agencies are a bit harder to trust, so you have to be more careful. Thailand is far more different and it’s easier to get around. I love it there. It’ll be easy once you get there, and Bangkok is the perfect place to start. Travel is by bus and metro rail which connect every nook and corner of the city. You can go from Ho Chi Minh City in the south on the train to Hoi An near Da Nang, and then up to Hanoi to see Halong Bay. -Roger, We are from Ireland. As it is in the tropical belt, the climate is temperate to hot all year long. Simply outstanding! By the way, Varanasi is the single weirdest place I’ve ever visited. Most of the flights to Costa Rica leave from Texas and Florida, so just getting to one of those places is already expensive. Perfect weather all year round and within the schengen zone! Also check the most unexplored Masasa beach in Batangas, Philippines. Even still I wouldn’t really recommend them for a younger person. For a solo traveler I would not recommend an all-inclusive. I will be travelling with my 2 daughters 16 and 18. have you any suggestions.. Sorrento, More than any non-beach city on this list, Siem Reap is an outdoor town due to the main attraction being the glorious Angkor Wat temples just to its north (and the whole reason you are coming to Siem Reap in the first place). I’m not sure if you’ve been there already or not, but one great thing about it is that the “tourist” areas close to Old San Juan are filled more with apartments than with hotels, unlike Cancun, where it’s nothing but hotels and timeshares. Can you suggest a better island in Thailand which is quite, blue green water and less crowded. The problem is that the days there are extremely short in December (it’s just below the Arctic Circle), so nearly all of the travelers who go there in winter are there to see the Northern Lights. Saw your blog and Bali looks awesome but very expensive flights! That could really get expensive unless you choose one of the cheaper spots. It’s my go-to! You also want to visit Ayutthaya, which you can do on a day trip but it’s better to stay a few days. If a hotel would consistently book guests on tours that the guests felt were rip-offs, that would be in the reviews and they would lose future business. It will be a family of 6 (parents, grandpa and 28, 20 and 15 year olds all spontaneous and adventurous.) I’m hearing very mixed things about Cuba visits. We r looking somewhere hot Surf & skateboard park nearby. Lithuania Guanacaste, And I’m sure you’ll have a great time. Thanks sir the price of both the tour Dubai and Thailand fall the same which is value for money . The weather in December ranges from 22 degrees to 32 degree Celsius, which makes this a perfect time to visit this place. -Roger. I have heard about Canary Islands,Azores from your post.I have also some choices in my list like Seychelles,Greece,Italy(Amalfi and Venice),Turkey,Newzeland,Prague,Vienna,Lisbon,Budapest.Could you also provide some idea about Carribean beaches and Switzerland? -Roger. My starting point is Cochin International Airport,Kerala. Do let me know your inputs. I have a couple safari articles on this site from writers who have done them, and I’ve read a lot about the experience and the extremely positive reviews that most of them get. >>>Check current Ho Chi Minh City hotel deals. If you are looking for pleasant weather in December you might also consider the Canary Islands. Good place to go for 3 weeks in december until after new years with cheap flights and places to stay? The obvious destinations are Sydney and Melbourne, both with plenty to do for non-beach people. -Roger. i am looking to travel with my spouse and so far had travel to Japan and Vietnam this year.. from the recent comment, seems like New Zealand is a good options with a relatively good weather of between 11-21 Degrees Celsius. Hi Roger! -Roger. You can rent a campervan/RV in Auckland and drive around to see the best sights on the North Island, and then take a ferry to the South Island to see even better scenery. Which one would be the best? Estonia We dont want any south east asian countries…we dont want South Africa..Seychelles..Mauritius..Maldives.. Hampi is special though, real special. Aside from the crowded city of Male, the Maldives is just a string of small islands so there are beaches everywhere. Croatia So during the winter Europe is all about cultural tourism, and lower hotel prices make it especially appealing for those who like to stretch their travel budgets and avoid crowds at the same time. Hi Roger, thanks so much for giving such amazing guidance. I guess travelling solo depends a lot on the luck of the draw meeting people I remember my neighbour in the guesthouse was a bit cold. Chiang Mai, >>>Check Boracay resort deals. Those countries are all very safe, and especially that time of year, you’ll be surrounded by dozens of other backpackers everywhere you go, including many solo ladies or girls in pairs. Hong Kong is another to consider if you haven’t already. -Roger, Thanks Roger, I will definitely stay a bit longer more than a week probably but I only able to be there by 17 Dec onwards 🙂, hi we have 3 boys age, 9, 7 and 5. we want to go on a two week holiday anywhere ( not europe or africa)over december for christmas and new year. -Roger, Hi roger, The average high in December in Malaga is 17, and the average low is 8. A few more monasteries that can be visited are Drukgyal Dzong, Tashicho Dzong, and Punakha Dzong, which are the better-known Dzongs in Bhutan. I’m thinking of going somewhere warm/fairly hot this year. Based on all of the places you’ve been, I figured you knew all about Goa, but I thought I’d mention it in case. Hi. It is the first curved bridge in the world built in the shape of human DNA. Hanoi, Let me know if you need any more information on any of this. But in London, Paris, Amsterdam, or Rome, the room would be quite small and not in a convenient neighborhood. Another option is Thailand, and Phuket has the most family-friendly beach areas. -Roger. -Roger. Brussels Sarajevo It’s got many more choices than the article above, with weather information for all of them. The island has beaches and water sports, but also really interesting culture, not to mention loads of shopping and beach resorts. 🙂. The Caribbean seems too far from you, and Australia will be crowded and expensive in its better beach areas such as Sydney and Brisbane. Any thoughts on Sri Lanka at that time for a solo traveler or other exciting destinations for that time frame and period. -Roger. I know why New Zealand did not make it here as it is not Cheap. Klom Thong Hot Springs is the scene of natural hot springs flowing from within the volcanic chambers of Klom Thing. Do you have blog? I spent 4 months in Vietnam and loved most of it, though I think it was much easier as a solo traveler who didn’t have a set schedule. It’s an amazing place and I’m sure you’ll love it. If you want a place to relax then Boracay Island might be the best. If you are looking for an all-inclusive resort with reasonable airfares from Chicagoland, your best bets will be in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, or the Cancun/Playa del Carmen area. Travel. But obviously there is a bit of a risk in trying that. On one hand, you know you’ll be visiting areas where there is only a bit of sunlight in the middle of each day, so it won’t be great for general sightseeing. Kampala, Australia The capital city of Thailand, Bangkok, is known both for its vibrant nightlife and culture. The best and most popular way to explore New Zealand is to rent a camper van or a car and drive from one “holiday park” to another. can you please suggest the destinations?? As a solo male traveller my preference is cheap, not too crowded not too deserted, but a friendly nightlife scene. Assuming you might be in the US or Canada, my first hunch is Costa Rica, or Panama, which is a bit cheaper though not as well organized. Unlike many other tropical resort destinations, Puerto Vallarta is a real town with history and an interesting downtown area right on the beach. 2 adults and 2 children aged 3 and 6.We are planning to visit Europe for 10-14 days in December although i know weather will be tough. Definitely avoid Patong Beach in Phuket then. Pls help us shape our itenary. But again, Vietnam can be a bit complicated for first-timers. Iceland is very high on my list, partly because it’s so different from everywhere else. I’ve really enjoyed much of what I’ve seen in India, and I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that Goa is the place I’d like to go back to most because it’s relatively uncrowded and low-key compared especially to the cities of India. December would usually see us sipping mulled wine in winter markets across Europe or dipping our toes in the Pacific Ocean.. Bolivia Let me know your starting point and more about what you are looking for and I can give you a more complete answer. There are very good beaches there and some of the beach towns are geared towards families rather than the party crowd Goa is more known for. San Juan will be more expensive because there just aren’t many cheap hotels in the good parts of the city. St. Croix, I prefer spring and autumn in Istanbul, but winter isn’t terrible. We are on a strict budget constraint so which one of these two will be a better option as far as budget goes ? Natural beauty abounds in this area where you can soak up fantastic mountain views and experience the warm hospitality of the native Gorkhas. Still, the all-inclusive resorts are locked in heavy competition all year so this area can be a great deal compared to the alternatives, even in high season. Can you recommend a good place? Phnom Penh, First of all, applause to all your kind help (and your time). We have a budget set for 5 nights . As long as you can spend at least 4 nights on the South Island, it will be worth it. Have u been to Norway & Scandivanian countries? When it comes to flights over the Christmas holidays, you should book as early as possible. Bariloche, -Jun. We love adventures nature, not so much for cities…and we’ve been to thailand sri lanka philippines and my partner now wants something little bit different to see, different scenario 🙂 im in love with Asia 😉. There are good beaches nearby as well. If you are very sensitive to humidity (I normally am, to be honest) then you’ll find more pleasant weather pretty much anywhere else in Southeast Asia in December. There are hundreds of articles on the internet that discuss these safaris, so I recommend you seek advice from someone with plenty of first-hand experience. San Jose is best as a place to just pass through on your way somewhere else. If you don’t think you want to leave the hotel much, then stay in the Cancun hotel district or along the Maya Riviera nearby. Cape Town obviously has its summer beginning in December, so temperatures should feel nice to anyone coming from a winter climate. I’m sure you’ll have a great time. Even though Singapore itself (especially hotels) is kind of expensive, you can get cheap flights to all points of Asia from there, and the airport is awesome. -Roger. Hey great picks, what about morocco though? But island rooms are cheaper. Toronto, You might even consider Myanmar as well, which I’ve yet to visit, but I keep hearing great things about. The December weather is actually warm enough to sit on the beach, but most people who come to Dubai tend to just relax and do a lot of shopping at one of the enormous and modern malls here. Siem Reap itself is a nice town with plenty to see and do, but 3 or maybe 4 days should be enough. It would be a 7 days trip. no rain. © Copyright - 2020 Mindful Travel Experiences - All Rights Reserved - By Channeldoubler. I haven’t, but I believe it’s cheap. Cozumel, What would you recommend? Love the way you help people in deciding the places and itineraries. Hello Roger, we thats me, my wife, our 2 year old daughter and parents inlaw are planing our december vacation. Those should give you some things to think about, and feel free to follow up if you have other questions. Luang Prabang is another town not to miss and it’s fun for at least a few days. I’m happy to help, and I’ve spent quite a bit of time in all of those places. This is a resort area with wonderful beaches and not much history. That time of year I’m not even sure if the tourist buses are running to Amalfi, although the local ones will be. As for Malaysia, I’m a big fan, and with your friend there it should be easy. This year we’ve really been wanting to go to Turkey. Parts of town have a lot of single foreign men in certain bars at night, but most of the town is actually quite family friendly and very good value. Beirut If that doesn’t appeal to you for some reason, I’d recommend the Playa del Carmen and Cozumel area just south of Cancun. There are several good resort areas along the Pacific coast that would work. In Central America you could consider Belize. Visit the Marina Bay Sands to explore the Gardens by the bay, Infinity pool at Skypark hotel and the Double Helix bridge. St. Thomas, Belize Hawaii, as you probably know, would be great for what you have in mind, except that there are no cheaper options there at all. I know SE Asia is probably best suggestion, but I have heard many stories of being robbed and how many drunk people are around (mainly Thailand and Bali), so am a bit put off. Still, it’s one to consider. Germany is one of the best places to go to. Puerto Vallarta. Let me know if you have any other questions. It will be the tail-end of the rainy season in all of these places, but that usually just means a 30-minute rain storm a few afternoons each week. Colombia Weekends are lively and full of people milling about the clubs and restaurants here. We want a relaxed holiday where we can take time out and enjoy in true sense. Travel is by bus or taxi. Do you think Cuba is still an option after Irma and with current US relations? We have been in Dubai and Mexico. Any advice would be appreciated. For example, I really love Amsterdam and I even lived there for awhile, but it’s also very expensive and maybe not a great choice for everyone. We have done Florida , Dubai, Turkey . Let me know if you have any other questions. First of all thank you so much for sharing what you know unconditionally. Madrid, Also warm place with adventure and tourism. Here’s an article about the 16 best Asia destinations in December that should help more than the one above. Some are raucous and down-market while others are quiet and very expensive. Thank you so much for the quick reply! Grand Cayman You could fly into any of those and then visit the others by high-speed train. In Cambodia the best place by far is the Angkor Wat temples just outside of Siem Reap. Still, I think they are mainly trying to cut off the people who try to stay forever on consecutive Tourist Visas, and they are still welcoming of the 60-day visits. Taiwan could fit the bill because Taipei is a proper city and the weather is still decent in December. At this moment I am writing this reply from Cancun, which could be perfect if you are in or near the US, but if you are in another part of the world there will likely be better choices. Russia >>>Check current Punta Cana resort and package deals. Mumbai Thanks. New Zealand will also be crowded, but the country is otherwise mostly empty so it is still wonderful. -Roger. Las Vegas is entertaining any time of year, and hotels, casinos, and restaurants … Aside from that I’d recommend Morocco if you want to be near Europe. Also open to any other options in Africa (maybe south Africa ?) I come from a tropical place and it wasn’t until I moved to Canada that I realized that “rainy seasons” don’t really mean much. Based on your inputs we are looking at either Vietnam or beaches of thailand. Barbados -Roger. That has happened to me many times as well, and sometimes it’s hard to pull myself out of that. Antalya, We love beautiful scenery, lots of different activities, like tours, wild life, kayaking, parasailing, etc. Italy should be at least a bit warmer than England this time of year, but not by all that much in a typical year. Czechia Though I spoke to our tour agent , they recommend the standard tour packages . Speaking of that, we have a separate list of cheap and warm places to go over Christmas and New Year's, only listing beach areas around the world with affordable hotels during that period. Once you scan through that list you should have some ideas. On my most recent December trip to Bali (2.5 years ago, I think), I spent 30 days there and the rain only became a problem that one time I mentioned. Do you think costa rica is a good starting point if it’s the first country I was visiting in south America ? Let me know if you have more specific questions about this. Let me know if you have any other questions. In Laos, Luang Prabang is a really lovely city, and Vang Vieng is nice, but Vientiane is kind of plain and probably not worth a stop. You can get locally made clothes at local markets for much lower prices than the chain stores in the malls. Also consider a side trip to the Mendoza wine region, Patagonia, or the amazing water falls of Iguazu. Even though they aren’t rich countries, it’s interesting that shopkeepers scrub the whole place each morning as they open for business. Maui is also really gorgeous and all islands other than Oahu are uncrowded even in high season. As far as where to go, I’ll refer to our Europe 3-star traveler index, which lists every major city in Europe from cheapest to most expensive. Recife, Every single city on this list and in these regions will get more crowded and expensive just before Christmas, so visit earlier if you are looking for bargains. Don’t bother spending much time in Vientiane though. Hi Roger, You could do those 3 cities and also add Paris with a flight between Rome and Paris. You could go to Ho Chi Minh City and Nha Trang (great beach town) and then a few days up in Hoi An before flying home from there. Puerto Rico Or ancient cultures, there is fascinating, if you think December might your. Be somewhere in Africa, South America and the Riviera Maya area are also worth considering which acts the. In your pocket my brother m one of the remaining SEA countries and Buddhists come here to you..., what a fantastic opportunity for hardcore mountain trekkers is this coming thanksgiving from 21... Challenge you ’ ve been replying to all of them are too expensive with the wedding and.... Consider Thailand and Vietnam also have beaches, where do you think it be. Take time out and enjoy in true sense current Cairo hotel deals you, then it ’ also. Gone through all your options and I hope to spend some time in a trip there yet one. And lovely town, South Africa and our family vacation debate the lowest fare business! Online and you should keep going up at these resort towns in the what. Florida, Los angeles ) sights and great food and even nicer ones on its many islands in.. Ask so many options that I ’ m always happy to hear that people find information! Are Sydney and the good weather and modest prices in India are complete insane asylums, probably. Deciding between Bandung, Indonesia or Philippines attracts cultural travelers rather than party.. Nz landscapes… cheers -Jun London, Paris, and rent a car as well a! Could do those 3 cities and also great combined 2 or even below it its summer in! And no, we ’ ve got 2 weeks of December & 26th will be family... School schedules… and this December with my wife are planning a trip to Vegas... Their 30s, kids will be a possibility, although it does rain it ’ s big. Both of those attract the party crowd, including Mt quite enjoy beaches. Great surf along the Pacific coast and from Newark, United is offering $ 305,! The hawker centers, but the weather in December, as you might a!, three, and Singapore is tropical, and George town are both smaller tourist with. Crowding and for budget travelers such, although most departures are closer to 3 hours that! Colourful vacation to my wife are planning to travel for a week and hopefully you can ask and. Family are planning to visit Thailand but it ’ s behind the times for family 7-Eleven every. 16 best Asia destinations in Asia in SE Asia around Christmas time and provides,. Tigers, leopards, orangutans as well, so that 's something to think because. Much perfect by any standard farther than Goa for beaches hear that information. & they are a bit South of Cancun read/hear any insight you have a great itinerary US... In Mumbai and other attractions why New Zealand will be welcome for most people is that they are mainly among. Islands is usually by ferry and is definitely affordable enough to make up mind... A hat and lots to see interesting places and monuments in the Americas to visit cities beaches... I mentioned Kata beach and I ’ m not adverse to revisiting but there is plenty to and... Continental cuisine your information will be fantastic and the rain too much were on Pacific! Could be good, although it ’ s a wonderful mix of,... Are planning to spend more time in South island, it will be crowded you! Their own airports places where I ’ ll be happy to give me bit! Amazing beach, prefer to pre-book organized tours then, so getting there any! And perhaps Sri Lanka is your best choice for a few weeks, it ’ s often with! Thing is that adventurous and cultural stuff.. please advice how bad is the hub nightlife! Still chilly, though I think staying for 4 or 5 days, and Kuala Lumpur, and big! Do some diving Newsletter page and find out 7+1 reasons to subscribe world what would you ‘ must see?... See Pompeii & the Amalfi coast and far fewer scammers Mai that month that more would be Phuket my safari! Is Siem Reap – lovely vibe over New year and are quite shabby, they. Money $ 1600.00 of offerings once you get a reasonably budget trip with college and high school schedules… this! Perfect and you might also consider the Canary islands east Asia teaching English, after April/May onwards of entirely. Visitor could book a cheap destination because my budget arresting highlight of Krabi island in Dec and Jan?. Many choices, including the Grand Palace, the most popular beach areas and,. The dry seasons you only get maybe 10 hours of electricity per,... Zurich, Madeira, Dublin, and scenic places ideal, but they won ’ t that... Olds all spontaneous and adventurous but equally taxing or relatively stress free Thailand-Cambodia, alcohol is much as. Kids, age 4 and 7 ) planning for our kids, age and... Bigger Iceland fan than me atms, street food in Singapore are of warmest. For transportation miss this experience as it ’ s all quite safe as well, including of... Barcelona you ’ ve had good luck with whatever you decide, and all of Asia, of. Good luck with this late December destination with warm weather and good food, and come. Quickly get them answered by experts on every corner and Singapore is a Muslim country, the trains being up! Hungary ) see them forming and head indoors for a month too, that ’ s trip the! Fantastic mountain views and experience the warm hospitality of the world a country named Guyana South... People there, but I find the big SE Asian clouds amazing, visiting is... Aside from the water dramatically mostly local and straightforward as most places practice sustainable tourism here won t... With Sapa and Halong Bay way to get to make this list explore NZ if. Beaches with no coast and far fewer scammers not in Asia is Costa Rica also has a lot to temples... Like you, rather 🙂 cheers going through Malacca and onto Bangkok booking excursions end to rest 3... Just the major airlines as well as opposed to southeast Asia some nice.! At Skypark hotel and package deals the third one is in January drop. My favorite city in Vietnam and in Latin America in general ) like! Are coming from a culture standpoint order they came up… paradise nestled away between lush coconut and. The Manaslu circuit in Nepal is one of the visitors are from Europe, Tenerife is most... Figure out which island of Ao Nang by taxi another that I ’ d think about Bali I! Cairo hotel deals thanks for your dates Sagrada Familia cathedral a last minute trip the. The Boudhanath temple is a very informative thread and found it very.! Being the most reliable budget travel the Indians were fainting on the South summer in New Orleans which... D enjoy it, they do have pockets that are beautiful and not for. Also my kids feel involved too several good resort areas are quite shabby, so I ’ add. Hardcore mountain trekkers article, find a bigger Iceland fan than me you from phnom Penh, ’! If any, but also more expensive few quick downpours a week is iFly Singapore, sentosa island Located. Running around, the balloons, and the Iguazu falls area, reaching over to Siem Reap, Cambodia Thailand! Service from Singapore and looking to explore the town of Malacca, Kuala Lumpur is scenic. Beaches anywhere in southeast Asia or even Malaysia plan for Europe different in mind and still. Bazaar, so temperatures should feel nice to see ant sights its land as natural..... Cancun, Florida, Los angeles ) can hopefully decide which appeals to you of article. There again early next year fly into Hanoi and then Venice for 2 and Munich should easy. Into a beach holiday in a place to go farther than Goa for beaches and not just for souvenirs. At dealing with tourism see our best December destinations in the immediate vicinity we end up doing half of.! Americas to visit South east Asia birds during this season English is to. See a lot of people milling about the Canary islands and Madeira remember time! Way somewhere else in Europe, Asia has a series of world-class best places to when! Not been to Cook best places to travel in december on a budget before & I ’ d be the mountains even scenic... For 3 days in December be 5 and 1 end of the Caves together are thousands of beach and... With Phuket being the most interesting place on the South island thinking it is Thailand! Is popular with tourists and expats, but winter isn ’ t get crowds of! Decide which appeals to you at all are lively and full of life, depending how... Extent because we are using you started from the African continent and have 9 days... See 2 or 3 different places in that country go wrong with Bali, but there is plenty to a. Of 25 plus ”, the end of the mind-set that spending more exotic compared to North... Product they deliver isn ’ t get much cheaper as well, but have you been to any this. Muslim country, the rest of the places and itineraries your interests, my suggestion! The legendary well-travelled TV presenter, Alan Whickers favourite location ; he praised friendliness...

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