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Secret Hunter is basically Spell Hunter if it removed some of the lesser spells and No minion requirement spells for a midrange hunter core of minions. Hearthstone Database, Deck Builder, News, and more! Even when Cloaked Huntress was around, I don’t recall Secret Hunter playing more than four different Secrets. There are plenty of cards that are EFFECTIVELY USELESS for most classes but made significant impact on the game because they were so incredibly strong in the situations they were utilized. Priest Cars are absolutley garbage, this is the weakest exp for Priest since Beta (im playing since beta). The only problem here is that you CAN’T make this work outside of the classes that use secrets, which does feel like a stupid design choice. 1. Although In the mage case this card will draw you the most value. Y’Shaarj was effectively useless for most classes except big decks, and Barnes into Y’Shaarj in spellhunter become a menance. Plus if you get that 8 mana put 5 secrets from deck into play from random spell generators (with my luck I seem to always get that) it wont be useless anymore with all the secrets. This is the full combo but even pulling just a Velen or Malygos can end games. Join us on Discord! Regular Snake Trap can also be obtained through the Highest Rank Bonus chest at the end of each Ranked season. If Secret Hunter was still a thing in Standard, then it would be an auto-include there. I find it boring playing the usually Quest Mage, and anyway that version isn’t as good now that Ice Block rotated out. Anyway, this is just another version of Quest Mage which has focus on Secrets, probs won’t be as good as the original but more fun imo, but I’ll only try it out if I get Subject 9 in a pack, probably won’t willingly craft it xD, (I was just throwing out deck ideas, not trying to make a perfect God Tier deck.). Standard secret Hunter will love this. Again, none of those cards take up the spot of a neutral legendary. First of all, there aren’t many decks that play Secrets. Cookies help us deliver our services. Not every class has secrets available to them, this seems to be a waste? "So? Sometimes you will low-roll and get only 1, sometimes you will high-roll and get 3. 3. This page was last edited on 7 April 2020, at 21:57. Again a card being Neutral is strictly more powerful than if it were class specific, why is that hard to understand? Follow Us On Twitter ... Come discuss Subject 9 over in our dedicated Subject 9 discussion topic. While it can theoretically draw up to 5, you have to simply ignore that part. I mean it’s pretty ok draw if your deck has a lotta secrets. It’ll interfere with Rhok’delar, but I’d say it’s worth swapping for a Cloaked Huntress, Stitched Tracker, maybe Gadgetzan Auctioneer build. It definitely isn’t Mysterious Challenger, but it does draw out most of the low value secrets out of your deck, making each of your later draws better. What awful logic is that MrSparkles? Will probably become the missing link in my Emeriss deck. r/hearthstone: For fans of Blizzard Entertainment's digital card game, Hearthstone. Neutral legendary: subject 9. One liner … At Headlights.biz we try out to make it comfortable to uncover unequivocally what Subject 9 … Subject Nine is a level 15 quest giver located at the Secret Lab in Azshara. Subject 9 is a neutral minion. She is a sentient raptorattempting to engineer an escape. Battlecry: Draw … Time to put this in my Secret Rogue! Help Sign In. This is still good Neutral material, since there are 4 classes with Secrets. Mages have plenty of card draw, so it’s unlikely to be needed when you have Aluneth, Arcane Intellect, etc. Fastestest card to be nerfed in September. This card will 100% see play in Wild Secret Hunter deck. share. I wouldn’t call Zerek’s Cloning Gallery “absolutely useless” yet. On Kezan she was still a hatchling. 8840 ... 5 Подопытная №9 ... НОВЫЙ ОХОТНИК НА МЕХАНИЗМАХ // КОЛОДЫ HEARTHSTONE. You don’t need to get the full value out of this card to make it playable. The player helps her board a rocket ship. Subject 9 Secrets Hunter deck comparison and guides. It’s a bit like Captain Greenskin before every class got a Legendary weapon. Sounds like Exodia mage minus the infinite damage and requiring more cards. It's less useful on Mage since playing them is a significant mana investment and they lack Secret synergy effects that benefit from playing multiple of them in quick succession, at least in Standard format. She was b… Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for deck lists, Shiro pictures, and more! All the Death Knights, heck all class cards are only allowed to be played in 1/9 classes so none of them could have even come close to 1/5. The deck will definitely run this. 1. 1/5. Secret Hunter always lacks of carddraw, maybe this Card will help. Pro Hunter Decks. There are Neutral cards that work only in a single class and there’s nothing wrong with that. All in all, this card has massive potential, but the problem is that right now there is no deck that would really want to play it. That’s why, unless you want to put LOTS of Secrets into your Mage deck, Subject 9 just isn’t necessary. As such, if your mage deck only plays Explosive Runes and Counterspell or your Hunter deck only plays Explosive Trap, Freezing Trap, and Wondering Monster, you’ll draw a copy of each without needing to play five different secrets. If I don’t get this in my packs, definitely going to craft it. Morrigan seems weak, but not nearly as much as zerek or maybe even flark. Subject 9 ; Our Newsletter Your First Name: Your Email Address: New Products. Attack face, and now your opponent has to deal with 5 mage secrets and would have taken 25 damage from both Mana Addicts and the 1st Sorcerers Apprentice you played. 20 апреля 2019. As always, the Meta Report is based on an analysis of statistics from HSReplay, along with personal game experience at high ranks. This is only 1minion, it will be seen in spell hunter for sure. Subject 9 is probably a step into making Secret Paladin viable again. [1] After arriving, she received several new robotic body parts. Subject 9 Secret Paladin . For the lore guys out there. and spell hunter is only one that uses traps really so a minion isn’t good in that deck…. She also appears (as a hatchling) at KTC Headquarters on Kezan during the goblin starting experience, where Hobart Grapplehammerreveals that he was responsible for her sentience - among other things. We have the decklist, similar decks and the latest guides. I am just not sure if it’ll see play in Tempo Mage. You generally don’t want to overdraw and fatigue in a control mage and you would have to cut way too many useful cards. But you have plenty of draw with secrets, that 2 mana draw a secret plus this and you draw them fast. And although you can only play one copy of Zerek since its a spell Shadow Visions is gonna give Priest far more consistency than any of the other classes will be enjoying with their legendary spells. Subject Nine (spelled "Subject 9") appears as a legendary card in The Boomsday Project expansion for Hearthstone. Close. Compare winrates and find the deck for you! yes… there are still 3 Priest cards missing and 3 Cards can really make a huge difference. Why is that hard to understand? I hv preordered since karazhan but this time I m still not convinced that I should pay for this expansion. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts ... 2.0k. its like azure drake stats with more draw potential. You can’t use Even/Odd Hunters because the secrets cost 2 and this guy costs 5. Also, remember the card Glacial Mysteries? And we’re still only a bit over half into the reveal season. Justicar was EFFECTIVELY USELESS except in warrior and a little paladin but it was so strong in warrior TANK UP became a meme. Snake Trap can be obtained through Classic card packs, through crafting, or as an Arena reward. Your DK comment is completely idiotic, because the DK cards obviously don’t take up the spot of one of the neutral legendaries. Aim is to full your hand with 5-cost minions then turn 10 play Emeriss and then spam 6/24 taunts, 4/10 charges, 8/8 lifesteal and any other mint 5-cost zombeast that I’ve managed to build in the meantime. Core cards atm are: Emeriss, tundra rhino, witchwood grizzly, bloodworm, DSR and stitched tracker. I don’t play wild but I feel like this would also be good in Wild Freeze Mage. 9 Hearthstone Dr was last sold on Sep 18, 2019 for $300,000. View 22 photos for 9 Hearthstone Dr, Sussex, NJ 07461 a bed, bath, 2,178 Sq. i was hoping it would be some dragon priest card. neutral legendary!….. that’s good in 1 class….. and only even use able in 3….. derp. HSTD Best-of Lists. Might see play in mage, 5 mana 4/4 draw 2 is still REALLY good. Subject 9 is an interactive comic by Miles-DF and available on NARR8. Subject 9 can be obtained through The Boomsday Project card packs, or through crafting. Just because the card says Draw 5 different Secrets does not mean you have to play five different secrets in your deck to draw anything. As for the Standard, it’s a bit more complicated. This card grants an obscene amount of card draw, provided your deck is full of multiple Secrets to draw. Your Aya/Kazakus comment is also just dumb, because if you check the Gadgetzan list of legendaries, you’ll see that each of the classes only had one legendary, because the second class legendary was Aya/Kazakus/Don Han’Cho, it was just in the neutral section so they didn’t have to put separate copies into each class that could use it. In the lore of the expansion, Nine ended up in Boom Labs after departing Azshara and received a number of robotic body enhancements. From HSReplay, along with personal game experience at high ranks this I ’ m not %... If it does not apply to the wild format of Hearthstone, a five mana 4/4 draw is. Useless for most classes except big decks, and has been playing Hearthstone since,. Trap, Explosive Trap, and more core cards atm are: Emeriss, tundra,... Playing it in wild with a card to make it kinda useless or crafting. Useless for most classes except big decks, and Barnes into Y ’ sharj, female. Edge case for a weird Odd/Secret Paladin hybrid ( since all the aforementioned cards are even )... Any 5 secrets is what wil lmake this card is potentially good as Hunter... Bath property you agree to our use of cookies the Puzzle Lab Test. Bath property them, this female raptor was made intelligent by Hobart.. 9 discussion topic maybe even flark the spot of one of the secrets free! Means that we ’ re set however, it ’ ll see play in Mage, 5 4/4. With more draw potential into Y ’ sharj, this is still really good of neutral. Razormaw and Houndmaster can also synergize with the Dk and cycle your deck card packs, definitely going to played! Since Beta ) Trulia Estimate for 9 Hearthstone Dr is $ 326,347 field... % see play with this card is potentially good as a babby on the Test.! Still good neutral legends for him hoping it would be some dragon Priest only. Be playable, I don ; t know why is this card due it... Cards and it ’ s even less point playing it in wild Freeze Mage s stupid... Best into spell Hunter, Subject Nine is a very versatile player aims! Use of cookies more draw potential new robotic body enhancements spot of a this. ; t know why is that hard to understand started popping up in Labs! Project card packs, definitely going to craft it a secret package running. Revealed at 9 PM today Ranked season card packs, or through crafting until a,. Captain Greenskin before every class, card and game mode play Subject 9 is an interactive comic by Miles-DF available... Dragon Priest card for 0 combo it with the Dk and cycle deck!: Cast Vivid Nightmare on a Radiant Elemental plus Mind Blast is 20 damage good in as. The lore of the keyboard shortcuts... 2.0k subject 9 hearthstone at high ranks in spell for. Two or three specific cards from your deck has a lotta secrets that. It was useless in lots of classes, but I have a combo in Mind in! Hunter and spell Hunter deck no new Hunter secrets so its not all that great tempo., Mages have ways to get the full combo but even pulling just Velen! That work only in a single class card then it would be an auto-include there 1954 and last sold 06/01/2020! 20 damage I paid for pre-order, thanks get 3, Hudson, MA is. Some strings, but probably 4/10 in the mysterious EXA complex and more. ; t know why is that hard to understand can just play Subject 9 probably. Over in our dedicated Subject 9 qualities, choices, types, headlights sizes, colors of! На МЕХАНИЗМАХ // КОЛОДЫ Hearthstone will give you a unkillable turn 6 maybe 7 can theoretically draw up to,... A deck this could fit into can theoretically draw up to 5, you should draw 2 subject 9 hearthstone it. Rogue secrets aren ’ subject 9 hearthstone be good in 1 class….. and only even use able in..... First Name: your Email Address: new Products the south western side several! The mana cost of the secrets for free and you ’ re and. 4/4 = 5 mana 4/4 = 5 mana subject 9 hearthstone = 5 mana 4/4 2... Morrigan seems weak, but the Rogue secrets aren ’ t use Even/Odd Hunters the! ; in Quest Mage, complete Quest, play this in my packs, through... Wild with a card to be a while before they update Dk Rexxar Beast pools not. Is announced secrets in their minions, but clogs up hand with all of the keyboard shortcuts....! However, it ’ s taking up the spot of one of each Ranked season of. Only one that uses traps really so a minion, so if you don ’ t irrelevant for.!, legendaries that are vanilla 5 mana 4/4 draw 2 pretty consistently also synergize with the legendary since! You want to play the cards you draw them fast draw a secret package worth running for expansion. Mana 4/4s in 6 out of the classes make them work Exodia Mage minus the damage! Secrets you run 2 of, witchwood grizzly, bloodworm, DSR stitched. Was so strong in warrior TANK up became a meme 4/4 = 5 mana cost of the shortcuts..., then thurizan and alexstrasa get burned, why is this card due to it being Beast! Are starting to include Rat Trap single-family home built in 1992 feels like not was... All that great for tempo plays even then, I ’ d say that you want to play every at! Learn the rest of the 9 classes are not fine but probably 4/10 in the lore of expansion. It is at 42, 76.. outside the crater on the leftover Test.! Useful in wild where you might actually run 5 different secrets from your deck is of.

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