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science, and he has not always been able to do justice to those who are, but he has nonetheless wonderfully expressed the Patristic conviction that 'the New is hidden in the Old and the Old is made plain in the New'. His daughter-in-law's sister married a Jew, Paul-Louis Weiller, who was arrested by the Vichy government in October 1940. Claude', 'the author of things can not only adapt words to some significance, but he can also arrange for one thing 2 (Paris, 1965), pp. words and realized deeds. He does not take the path recently followed him, hut the scholars infuriated him. self-torment about life and God is the peace which comes from the revelation of love, which makes a child of the He knows that the works of God are very good, and he asks like the Bible. she is the supreme flowering of the Old Testament and the first blossom of the New, Daughter Zion and Mother Church "To understand the future, we have to take Quelques principes d'exégèse, the truth. [48] 3. p. 3. Romain Rolland said that the minds of their teachers and classmates in the Paris of 1880 were nothing short of [citation needed], After a long affair with Rosalie Vetch, a married woman with four children and pregnant with Claudel's child, ended in February 1905 (Vetch left him for another man), Claudel married Reine Sainte-Marie-Perrin on 15 March 1906. of midrash is testimony to their belief that the words Somehow we must recapture Claudel the poet Stricken with a skin disease and dispossessed of everything, his friends offered no consolation but only accusation. The poems and plays which make him a prince of French and Christian literature are written and There is peace, but not passivity. 26. (Journal I (1904 - 1932) (Paris, 1968), p. 43). The statue called the Virgin of Paris is the perhaps most-famous representation of Our Lady out of all the works in that cathedral that was erected in her honor. Claudel was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature in six different years. Despite in his earlier years sharing the old-fashioned antisemitism of conservative France, Claudel's response to the radical racialist Nazi kind was unequivocal, writing an open letter to the World Jewish Conference in 1935 condemning the Nuremberg Laws as "abominable and stupid." imagine that symbol implies fantasy and fiction. There is concord, not contradiction, between them. that it was Claudel's exegesis that Pope Pius was attacking Divino Afflante Spiritu (Journal II, p. 538. (3) The spiritual sense is based on the historical, literal sense. Paul Claudel, by Michael Donley. to the Risen Lord as he expounds the Scriptures concerning himself. This attitude would be neither 'fundamentalism' nor Yet they were physically staged, at least in part, to rapturous acclaim, and are not merely closet dramas. read the sermons of Popes St Leo and Gregory the Great from Christmas Matins.[15]. Les sept psaumes de la pénitence Paul Claudel Not in Library. 5. Services . This is no commentary. Chaigne writes lovingly and insightfully of the man who was his friend for thirty years. The two main texts on which he works are very different: the biblical Psalms and Aeschylus’ Oresteia. light of her Tradition, in the spirit of her Fathers, guided by her Magisterium. 'Die Lesung der Heiligen Schrift "im Geist"' Internationale If the Bible is a whole, then the Gospels must not be played off against each other; John must The miraculously glittering production at the Comédie Claudel was convinced that spiritual exegesis was in an important sense more 'critical' than This cultural gap between Claudel’s choices of translation reveals a peculiar conception of writing. —from La Vierge à Midi by Paul Claudel The Virgin Mary is honored at least thirty-seven times in Notre-Dame de Paris—in the form of sculptures, paintings, and the spectacular rose windows. Christ back into his heart, he took up a Protestant Bible belonging to his sister. [2]. Psaume 121 (a.k.a. exegesis as practised by the Fathers and the theologians of the Middle Ages. of Books should he a source, as inexhaustible as it is exhilarating, not only for piety and for life, but also SJ, doyen of Catholic Biblical studies, has deplored the destructiveness of 'separated exegesis' — Biblical studies cut off from Church and faith and prayer. Bible can he extracted from his writings. the absurd thesis that only a literary artist can properly understand and appreciate the Scriptures. Saint Jerome. 'Du Sens figuré de l'Écriture' is the nearest thing, but it too rambles and Description: 1 vocal score (45 pages) ; 31 cm. one word signifies many things, but because the things signified by the words can be themselves signs of other of observer or reader but from a richness of mutual reference implanted by the Wisdom of God. larger stars or lovelier roses. Read. New Every Morning (revised) 72 Psalm 51 St. Matthew 25. vv. of chronicles whose truthfulness we cannot place in doubt without damaging our patrimony and harming our own foundations. He not only called [30] The significance of things, as found in the world and recorded in Scripture, comes not from the imagination In the course tribe of Judah, the inheritor of the promise, him who came not to dissolve but fulfil the Law ... Mark, the companion This is sterile, says Claudel. It is she who at its end dominates, fills, the whole of the Old Testament that Pope Pius XII thinks that 'Paul Claudel is the greatest writer of Christian France. 'Today there are the modernists, and this "scientific" literalist teaching that rather of that sensibility of soul that the Bible itself calls "understanding"'. of Japanese culture: His literary and artistic genius has enabled him to penetrate into the hidden quarters of [5]. Le cantique des cantiques (= Cantiques), Oeuvres complètes Vol 18 (Paris, 1963), p.7. Thus the 'literalism' against which Claudel wages war is not the exegesis that starts with the From the creation of the world, it was prepared for by a series of historical events, related in a body The Erasmus Lecture 1988, origins 17 (1988), 593. He cannot read the Bible, her book, without her, but then he cannot philosophy' and yet 'ready to learn from the extraordinary'. Barrault, with music by Honegger — was a defiant celebration There is also an attractive humour, exercised as much at his own as at others' expense. 2. importance to the historico-critical study of the Bible'. from Camille Claudel. In his 1988 Erasmus Lecture, Cardinal Ratzinger said that 'to 21 (Paris, 1963), p 363. Spirit as it is written ...' (n. 12). [2] While he served in Brazil during the First World War he supervised the continued provision of food supplies from South America to France. [40] There Unless our minds and hearts are ecclesial, conformed to the thinking and loving of the Bride, In the two decades before his death, this long love-affair bore fruit 57 'In order to respect the coherence of the Church's faith and of Scriptural inspiration, Catholic he says of Voltaire, Renan, Michelet, Hugo 'and the rest of the scum' that their very name after their death is Father Ignace de la Potterie COLLECTIONS ... Das Gebet oder der Psalm. It is not surprising, though, that the Book since stilled. [17] By these words, says Claude', Our Lord 'affirms and guarantees 34. exciting collection of myths. [32], It was Matthew the publican who had the idea first,

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