. Students will be able to describe the main management strategies and recognize major threats to fish and wildlife habitat. 13835: "Human Services:Community Support Worker", var selected_value4 = $('#T00N5w00000R3dfr').val(); It also introduces assessing work quality, maintaining environmental quality, minimizing fire risk and worker rights and responsibilities under Employment Standards.Prerequisite(s): FNAM 1135 and RENR 1105 and RENR 1118 and RENR 1125, An introductory course in statistics, this course covers descriptive statistics, including measures of central tendency and variation, and various graphical displays; probability laws; discrete probability distributions, including the binomial and Poisson distributions; continuous probability distributions with emphasis on the normal and t-distributions; central limit theorem; sampling and confidence intervals for the population mean, both with and without the finite population correction. submitHandler: function(form) { CAB will recognize graduates of the EFS program as meeting the core academic requirements for entry as an Applied Biology Technician. return '