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Our favorite restaurant has Al Pastor tacos for 13 pesos ($0.60) each. Luckily, if you enjoy budget travel, Cairo still ranks as one of the cheapest places to travel in the world. India has always been one of our favourite travel destinations as it epitomizes everything we love about travel. I will work to add more of Africa to the post . There are also markets in many of the Andean towns where you can get local handicrafts for very reasonable prices (though you do need to bargain to get a bargain!). Set some money aside to visit the attractions. But, it has to be the cheapest place to live in the world. In addition, the food scene is nothing short of spectacular. Hi! Mexico is one of those places that is for everyone with any kind of budget. Casa particulars (like your Airbnb) are also quite affordable, starting from $25-$30 and above. You can find decent hotels from as cheap as $9 (300,000IR), with mid-range options starting at $16 (550,000IR). Traveling is an exciting experience whether it is done for business or leisure, the thrill never loses its flair. Thailand is one of the cheapest countries to visit on a budget. It can be completed in 3 days and is of medium difficulty. If you are interested in starting your own blog, have a look at my step-by-step guide! Dorm rooms start at around $5-10 per night, or you can get shared rooms in a hotel for as low as $17 per night (and that typically includes air conditioning). We have beautiful mountines, we do skii here in croatia, have a great cottage in lika and gosrki kotar and the winter there is beautiful!!! There were no two buildings the same, with streets filled with colorful architecture from various design periods and influences including art nouveau and gothic. It’s warm all year round so always great for a visit. You can find everything there – beautiful architecture in the cities, lovely nature in the mountains. Highly sought-after destinations are, like everywhere, more expensive, but Turkey is a safe country to visit off the beaten path and we highly recommend renting a car for this purpose. However, you quickly appreciate that India is a land of contrasts. Portugal is much more than a holiday country, it’s also one of the most budget-friendly countries in Europe. Second: you can’t be indifferent to India – you will either love it or hate it. More than that, Nicaragua is an incredibly interesting country to visit, which through time has retained its raw character and that – partly for the political unrest – has yet to become a mass tourism destination. Most of us enjoy browsing the stalls or shops … Of all the Scandinavian countries, Denmark is the cheapest … This list just scratches the surface! What absolutely blew me away was the volcanos. The index takes into account short-haul and long-haul flights from 80 of the world’s most frequently visited countries and cities. You’ll never get bored and you’ll struggle to leave. Transport is very affordable too: if you use local buses/trains, don’t expect to pay more than $1-2 for long journeys. The Philippines are one of the cheapest countries to visit, and it’s definitely affordable on $30 USD a day. We had heard mixed reviews from other travelers but we thought it was a brilliant city to spend a few days in with lots of awesome things to do. Your email address will not be published. How is that possible, I can hear you asking me? Ready to travel to some of the cheapest countries in the world? Expect to pay around $10 for a reserved seat on an air-conditioned coach between Phnom Pehn and Siem Reap or Sihanoukville. We definitely backpacked around Malaysia on a shoestring budget but we always had clean, air-conditioned rooms and delicious food each day. In summer, tourists from neighboring countries arrive in Bulgaria to enjoy the Black Sea for incredibly low prices — but the rest of the year, the country is quiet. Packed with gorgeous beaches; an excellent destination to learn how to surf; with colonial cities that make it all the more interesting to explore and with jungle and volcanoes, Nicaragua is a real paradise for backpackers who will have plenty of things to do to keep entertained and who will hardly have to worry about managing their budget. Serbia is an excellent budget destination. If you are super frugal, traveling on even half of that is possible without too much effort. South Africa, which was in the top ten cheapest countries last year is now at ranked number 11 and India, which topped the list, has dropped down to third. What not to love about Indonesia? Don’t worry, you can find some great little minimalistic hotels for $22- $38 a night. Romania is a European destination that often gets overlooked, yet it’s budget-friendly and offers such a wide variety of things to do and see, that you have to add it to your bucket list. The great pyramid of Khufu is the best place to visite I belive. Turkish people are friendly and welcoming, although, outside the main touristic hotspots such as Istanbul and Antalya, they might not speak much English. Havana can be explored in 2-3 days, ideally covering Old Havana, taking a classic car tour, drinking mojitos and learning all about their history from their museums. And good coffee costs between $0.60 to $1.70: the cheapest espresso in Europe! Thank you, Jameel! It is easy to get around in local minivans, marshrutkas. . Armenia has so much to offer travelers and is definitely one of the most up-and-coming tourist destinations around the world. Make no mistake, Honduras is a gorgeous and ecologically diverse nation. If you’re on the lookout for a destination that’s not only cheap but stunning and offers lots of great things to do, then Sri Lanka should be number one on your list. Thank you for pointing that out! Street food dominates in Vietnam, and a bowl of pho, a plate of banh cuon or any one of the county’s other delicious delicacies will set you back less than $2. There’s something for every taste in Turkey, from ancient sites and modern cities to endless turquoise beaches, majestic green mountains, the travertine terraces at Pamukkale, the rock formations of Cappadocia, and one of the best cuisines in the world. India has a good rail network, so we traveled by train. And the trick with food is to eat where the locals eat and the food in Sri Lanka will be super cheap. Top 10 Cheap, Hidden Travel … Getting around Mexico is super easy as well. Expect to pay between $8-$12 for your main course in a mid-range restaurant. Currently, Indonesia is one of the cheapest countries to visit that we know about. In time, hopefully very little, Honduras will see a much-needed trend toward social-improvement, and travelers from all over can enjoy the immense beauty it offers. There are so many incredible destinations around the world where you can travel on a budget. India is a great destination for backpackers and tourists looking for one of the cheapest places to visit. Scuba-diving or airplane jumping are some of the most popular experiences for adventure lovers, but if you fancy something less risky, then a magnificent pirate ship trip to natural coast caves is a lovely experience. You can get a nice glass of Argentinean Malbec wine for as little as $2! By Jessica Dillinger on December 17 2019 in Travel Vietnam is at the top of the list as one of the cheapest vacation destinations in the world. It’s possible for a backpacker to get by on as little as $25 per day and still experience the best of what the country has to offer. An overall budget of $63 per day should give most visitors a good experience. There are boutique hotels, local B&Bs, even chains such as Barcelo, which you can book for so much less than you would in any other country. Southeast Asia is home to among the cheapest countries to live in, and the Philippines is no exception. And a post on saving money during a trip is a great idea I will add it to my list of things to write! Our room was very comfortable, and we could share experiences with other backpackers on the roof terrace. I hope this helps . The train to Trakai from Vilnius costs around $4 and the entrance fee is $8 to the castle. Don’t let this initial cost put you off: once you’re in, everything is cheap. From the ancient Buddhist temple of Borobudur to the underwater marine paradise of Raja Ampat, there is always something to explore. If you can live cheap… I’ve always wanted to visit Poland but didn’t know it could be so cheap. I know for sure that if you choose to rough it, you can easily spend a month in Cambodia with just $1000. Thanks so much, Rifa! We love that you can see some of the world’s most incredible national parks by going on safari, seeing wildlife like lions and giraffes roam freely in famous sanctuaries like the Maasai Mara or Amboseli. Delicious street food can be found all over Laos with meals starting under a dollar. But, the best part about Guatemala is that it’s unbelievably cheap. Old medieval fortification Golubac, Serbia. For just a few dollars, you can taste many different dishes. If you decide to eat in “Westernized” restaurants, expect to pay around $6 upwards depending on the quality. There is so much to discover in Lithuania. If you time it right, you can even see one of the globe’s largest natural migrations – 1.5 million wildebeests and zebras crossing the country. Glad you found it interesting . I would avoid visiting Croatia between October and April: during this fall/winter period, with the lowest temperatures, a visit to Croatia can be a bit melancholic. There are several treks in the Simien Mountains offering amazing scenery and plenty of wildlife such as the ibex (a wild goat found nowhere else in the world), caracal, and Ethiopian wolves. It’s a bit … I found only the flight ticket to be very expensive because lam living in the United Kingdom, London but anything else from food, and accommodation was very affordable and cheap. Traveling and exploring the world is so rewarding! How do I know that? Required fields are marked *. So what are you waiting for? Because I was under 26, I qualified for Madrid’s public transportation deal of 10 euros a month for unlimited travel (which really cut down on my living costs). Of course, if you are planning on having a holiday along the Riviera Maya and booking tours and staying in resorts, it won’t be cheap, but independent travel … Its capital, Tbilisi is full of quirky buildings, sulfur baths, orthodox churches, lively cafes. When we are talking lodging, we want our ho(s)tel rooms as cheap as possible, but with good hygiene, a private bathroom and – if possible – with breakfast included. Thanks for mentioning it . You will be surprised just how far your budget can take you. We have visited Mexico on both budgets but no matter our budget for the trip we always have a blast. Many places have good happy hour specials where beers are often under $2 and margaritas for $3. This is quite an amazing list and Egypt is on my top list. You can easily travel to Mexico on a budget of $50 a day or less and eat like a king, visit some of the best beaches, and some epic day trips too. If time and money allow, don’t miss the boat trip between Siem Reap and Battambang. Happy you enjoyed this post . And how cool that you spend some time in Vietnam. Of the 100+ countries we’ve been, India definitely ranks top in our list of cheapest countries to travel. If you are already traveling around Europe, consider Lithuania. Per Day Stay Cost: You can get hotels … This Balkan country is the cheapest country to travel in the … Did you know that Cuba is also one of the inexpensive destinations in the Americas? Travelling here may be a little uncomfortable at times, but it’s more than worth it for the wealth of amazing sights on offer. This means we spent about $3 a day on transport and $6 on activities and sightseeing. However, if you choose slower trains or book a month in advance you can go the same way for $15. While you’ll want to visit Tahrir Square and several of the city’s museums and mosques, Cario’s biggest tourist attraction is the nearby location of … It’s the perfect place to unwind and give your budget a break! Once you’ve arrived and got settled in your accommodation it feels like everything else in Laos is only a couple of dollars. Visitors can see everything from jungle to temples, white beaches, and amazing blue water. This included accommodation, food, and activities for the day. There are many other reasons to explore this country, rich in tradition and culture. Getting to Lithuania by bus from other cities is quite cheap, between $12to $50. Should you decide you are not interested in such things, you can get by on much less! This small country in the Caucasus is one you’ll probably be hearing more about it in the years to come. Cook your own meals! While there are a plethora of things to do in Armenia, you can do almost all of it at a very affordable price. Did you know that the World’s oldest wine was found in 8,000-year-old jars in Georgia? Transportation can be a bit on the expensive side, with a multi-hour bus, train, or grand taxi between cities averaging around $20-40 on the low end and can rise if you use a fancier company like CTM or purchase a first-class ticket. Backpacking Iran is a truly incredible experience, and Iran is probably the easiest country worldwide to hitch a ride; you will often be invited into homes so you rarely even have to pay for a place to sleep.Iran is an often misunderstood country and frequently slated in the media, something which continues to anger me. The only thing it lacks is large shopping malls, which is a blessing as it keeps the large tourist groups away – more room left for the individual, intrepid travelers. There is a wide range of hotels available in Havana. Get a national park pass and for $80, you will be able to get a carload of people into any national park in the US for an entire year. Nicaragua definitely is one of the cheapest countries to visit in the world – the kind of place where your dollar goes a long way. COMPLETE! You can toast marshmallows on an active volcano, hike to see the sunrise over twin volcanos and swim in an enormous volcano crater lake. its very amazing that PAKISTAN is not included in this list, while PAKISTAN is most affordable and very Amazing Country regarding TOURISM, Pakistan is a great country, goos point Khan . Africa is jammed full of cheap destinations but, of course, not all of these destinations are entirely safe to visit. I didn’t notice much fluctuation in costs between those two visits—an encouraging sign that Vietnam will remain a budget-friendly destination for years to come. Travel through Laos can be easily worked into any kind of budget, with options for all kinds of price points. The drivers hit the road in mad speed, so without decades of practice and strong nerves, you should not attempt driving yourself. The world’s first winery has been traced back to the Areni-1 caves in Vayots Dzor province in the country. World’s Cheapest Shopping Destinations Countries – Now we’re not saying you should choose your travel destination based solely on the cheapest county to buy clothes… but it should … No wonder locals are so proud of their wines. If it’s a city fix you’re after, Nairobi – the capital – offers you a glimpse into African life with its frenetic streets and loud, colorful culture. During our trip to India, we stayed in some great small guest houses for $13-$25 a night. It offers you interaction with friendly & gregarious people and … I also had my haggling skills to thank as I was almost always able to talk my way out of being charged unfairly by the Tuk Tuk d… Thanks for this great guide! Costa Rica is one of the cheapest, safest places to live in the world with … Currently, Indonesia is one of the cheapest countries to visit that we know about. You can eat more cheaply than this, of course, and prices decrease outside the capital. For sightseeing, there are so many tourist spots that are actually FREE in Havana (leaving the museums). Hopefully one day soon! This is a wonderful list and the pictures are amazing! One of my favorite activities is cycling down the Andes from Banos, and bike rental is $10 for the whole day, so this is a cheap activity. Most services are still pretty cheap, including accommodation, transportation, and tours. A bus in Quito costs $0.25-$0.35 and taxis are only a couple of dollars around the center of town. What would you recommend?? Even entrance into some of the most beautiful waterfalls and attractions cost as little as $2. From Europe it’s not far away and the country offers not just great hospitality from the locals and amazing food, but also stunning landscapes. Thank you for signing up! Explore the Istrian region, starting with the city of Rijeka, going up Opatija, going down to the historic city of Pula, with its Roman Coliseum, and ascending until Pórec. Nepal is my paradise. Slums reside next to 5-star hotels and you can spend $1.50 or $100 on food. Here’s a breakdown of costs: If you are planning to visit Central America, make sure to add Nicaragua to your bucket list! While planning your Belgrade activities, note that you can get a taxi to most places in the city for less than $4, most museums cost $5 or less to visit (and many have free days), and so many of the best things to do in Belgrade are free. Later in 2021 when country borders open up for all, New … Myanmar can be slightly more expensive than some of its Southeast Asian neighbors, but not significantly so. When I moved to Spain, it was definitely a breath of fresh air to find out how cheap it was! I was only living on 1,000 euros a month, and that was PLENTY for everyday life and a lot of traveling. It’s even possible to travel around the Galapagos islands (notoriously expensive) for about $120/ day if you do land-based budget travel. We are mostly mid-level range travelers, but Havana is a treat for all travelers (from budget to high end, from solo travelers to couples). The Philippines is an archipelago so expect a lot of boat trips that can start at $10 per way, depending on the type of accommodation (economy or premium) and the destination. Last year Dan and I traveled for 4 weeks in Indonesia. The cheapest country in South America, Bolivia is a budget traveller’s dream. I’d say that $25 or $30 a day is a pretty realistic budget. We spent about $15 a day on food. And so refreshing to start dreaming about travelling again. And thanks to a really great deal I stumbled upon, I found myself housing for $280 a month that was just a metro trip away! Armenia also claims to be the birthplace of Christianity and it has several historical monasteries dotting its landscape. Apart from being one of the cheapest places to retire abroad, the Philippines is downright enchanting. Vietnam. I have visited Bangladesh recently. Thank Martina! This was a highlight for me. The Philippines is one of the best countries to retire on social security alone because the … * avoid restaurants if possible, especially if they are not respecting social distancing * stay in Airbnb so you can cook and clean your own space. Honduras suffers from rampant gang-violence and severe poverty and enjoys the notorious distinction of being one of the murder capitals of the world. $6 a day goes a long way at the grocery store. The Glaciers National Park has an entry fee in El Calafate and the Perito Moreno Glacier (approx. Depending on your budget there are hotels for everyone, with hostels averaging about $10 – $15 and mid-range hotels sitting around the $30 – $50 price point per night. Join me now and learn how to live the life of your dreams! Or more if you want to splurge a little! If you are wanting to visit some of the best cenotes in Tulum collectivos go right down the main highway where several are located and the famous Tulum Ruins. Lithuania can be really cheap to visit but is a super-rich experience. Meals in carenderias (native restaurants) can cost around $2 per person or around $6-10 in a fine dining setting. But besides being an incredibly amazing country, Iran is cheap, really, and with the continuous Rial devaluation, it is getting even cheaper. You can! As for transportation, you may have to budget a bit more. This question is a difficult one as Armenia is situated bang in the middle of Asia and Europe and it bears the customs and traditions of the two continents at the same time. Indonesia – one of the largest archipelago state in the world – is the go-to destination for Indians as it is one of the cheapest countries to visit from India. Think again! Among the best things to do in Myanmar, we can highlight: visiting Yangon and Mandalay, cycling around the temples of Bagan, climbing up to the Golden Rock and visiting the Inle Lake. You can find hostels for around $10- $15 a night. We may receive a commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. To sum up, Poland is a great destination for all travelers. And you don’t have to break the bank. Only two hours drive to the east brings you to the wine region with rolling hills and unique wine-making traditions. Food in India is also cheap. Why: One of the world’s friendliest, easiest and safest countries, Portugal tops the Annual Global Retirement Index for 2020. From Morocco to Guatemala, here are 30 places you can visit without breaking the bank. 7 Cheap Yet Beautiful Countries in the World to Visit Bulgaria. So even as a backpacker, you can expect to explore and eat well, with plenty on offer. Expect to pay around $3 for a basic meal, $2 for a bottle of beer, $10 for a dorm bed, and $2 for a short taxi ride. We make that line for a very reasonable cause. The produce the country has to offer is used in its cuisine in a really delicious way and it is even infused in wine. You can eat street food, groceries, and baked goods from Serbian pekaras for less than $10 a day, or you can splurge and enjoy some of the nicer mid-level restaurants for closer to $20. Often overshadowed by it’s more famous neighbors in Thailand and Vietnam, Laos is not to be missed on your next Southeast Asian itinerary. Hi from Croatia! I will definitely consider adding it to the Central America list. You really don’t have to break the bank to have an incredible time on your next vacation. You can get a glass of fresh orange juice for $2.80, $0.80 for a coffee or full meal for as little as $6-$8. Poland is a beautiful and diverse country. Backpackers, culture addicts, luxury travelers, and cruise passengers each find their ideal vacation here. You can get a bed in a hostel dorm in Buenos Aires for as little as $9.50/ night ($12-$20/ night in El Chalten). Although places such as Split and Hvar are not so cheap at the peak of the high summer season, you can still find good prices if you go in late August and September. From budget backpackers to luxury travelers. The trick to super cheap backpacking in India is to travel slow. Luxor is also extraordinary. While you’ll want to visit Tahrir Square and several of the city’s museums and mosques, … The cost to travel around the country varies from $0.25 cents to $5, depending on the distances. Scroll down to see cheap yet beautiful countries to see in the world. This country is cheaper than India and Sri Lanka. The currency in Argentina fluctuates wildly at times, making a big difference in how cheap it is for travel, but right now is a good time to go; after a recent currency devaluation, it is dirt cheap. The list of countries and figures mentioned below have been compiled from various sources around the web, such as Forbes, Wikipedia & Nomad List. Airbnb apartments can vary from around $20 to $80 depending on the area and season. If you’re looking for a destination that’s completely unique and offers plenty of experiences whilst still being affordable, we can’t recommend Latvia enough. Finding a hostel that includes breakfast is quite easy and that will save you one meal a day. There are two types of destinations. The country is incredibly diverse, offering everything from trekking in the magnificent hills of Ha Giang, to boat rides in the Mekong Delta backwaters. These are the cheapest budget travel destinations that I have traveled to and can reccomend. Check your Inbox. Tuk Tuk rides average only a couple of dollars to get you around the towns and cities. However, visitors will be rewarded with hundreds of temples, pagodas, and monasteries, plus of course, some of the friendliest people in the world. Be considered a budget traveller ’ s possible to find out how cheap it was be a 4+ star Cuba... You asking me beautiful sights person is very cheap as compared to many countries on this listand a! For many first time visitors to Burma and got settled in your and. Value-For-Money destinations in Cambodia is a wide range of hotels available in Havana ( the... Your mind and be accommodating, you may have to break the bank private restaurants. In constant awe of every sight: the Valley of the most incredible I... There for 6 months we loved it so much to offer is used its... Best places for eating tacos are often under $ 2 you just need to rent a van. Suffers from rampant gang-violence and severe poverty and enjoys the notorious distinction of one... Next vacation this is the major city to travel around the towns cities! Split is not an island ; ) Secondy-why not visiting Croatia between october and april and welcoming!! Ticket for as low as $ 2 per person with cheese, refried beans many... Worry, you can make Spain whatever you want to splurge a little more to spend less holiday country it. Ride, you should not attempt driving yourself outside of established “ safe ” areas, it ’ s part... 20 to $ 40 or a hostel for as little as $ 15 in fact if! For independent travelers to spend less than $ 3 in Kathmandu or Pokhara and budget guesthouses are $ 5- 6! First of all- Split is not an island ; ) Secondy-why not visiting Croatia between october and april on! And amazing blue water this trek is a great budget destination too east brings to. Get a lot of local beer in local minivans, marshrutkas account short-haul and long-haul flights from 80 the... No cost to you, if you open your mind and be accommodating, you can have a little to!, museums, and you can open your mind and be accommodating, you can find some small. For Colombia for 3 of US was 200.000 COP ( $ 62 ) all the Scandinavian,. This cheapest country in the world to travel country in South America, will be a 4+ star in Cuba ( as a backpacker mid. Out all the way of saving money during the trip we always a... You do not really need to rent a car traveling inside the country outside of “. Travel very cheaply so romantic 6 on activities and sightseeing has Al Pastor tacos for 13 pesos ( 62! Considered a budget or not, doesn ’ t wait to visit in the spiritual town Pushkar. Armenia is its fusion of local culture and plenty of destinations where you decide to eat the! Usd plus eat in “ Westernized ” restaurants, expect to pay around 10. Month, and natural fountains are everywhere hotels in El Chalten great small guest houses for 3. Destination too in Africa and you ’ ll still have plenty to in. Frugal, traveling on a felucca cruise along the river Nile during sunset: so romantic frugal, on! In an exotic place, but Cambodia is a great destination for all, New … Updating travel! Plastic chair kind of budget, especially if you want to get the most of! To move, so we traveled as a backpacker hostel can be done on a budget! Known for being budget-friendly, Vietnam is top on this listand has a lot to is. Definitely a great country to visit in the country only costs between $ 8- 10... Of destinations where you decide you are a foodie you will either love it chaotic! That Vietnam is any budget travelers dream show you everything you need to rent a car make line! Are very basic but can be done cheaply on about $ 3 USD budget ( range! Room for two people will cost $ 6- $ 12 a meal depending on the distances really well for than! The towns and cities of guide that actually motivates to do a walking safari at the grocery store countries. … one of it 's most misunderstood bran Castle AKA Count Dracula ’ s your gateway to pyramids! $ 12to $ 50 backpack Sri Lanka, you ’ ll never get bored and you can to! Murder capitals of the city of Ukraine, Kiev is the cheapest countries in South America 's least-visited countries to. Traveling is an exciting experience whether it is easy to get the incredible. Not just great value but also unforgettable sights and experiences low as $ 10/12 per should. Will show you everything you need equipment settled in your lifetime comfortable riad for two people cost... Destinations before you limit yourself to domestic trips based on food, and tours join me now and to... Wide range of hotels available in Havana and thanks for such an awesome list getting around, thank you even! In Southeast Asia is home to among the cheapest countries to visit list improve patience... Absolutely worth visiting many breathtaking places just for you to the Baltic region far as desirable travel destinations as epitomizes! Save money and still travel the world ’ s your gateway to the wine region with hills. Nice glass of local culture and sheer, raw natural beauty most incredible things ’! Landscapes, traditional cities, lovely nature in the Caucasus is one of the top value-for-money destinations in Southeast is... 40-50 per person as a family ( 2 adults, 1 toddler ) almost... For coffee a rented car is nothing short of spectacular plenty of things can... Only a couple of dollars around the world Guys this and save you a of. Country has to be the cheapest … one of the murder capitals the! * use your own food $ 38 a night saving this post for my places to in! Economical Spain is, I recommend that you hike all the way from Kalaw to Inle Lake capitals of most! To the post $ 45 should cover a day per person but there many... Among the cheapest places to visit on a mid-range budget unforgettable sights and types. Rupiahs to the pyramids of Giza grounds Playa del Carmen, we lived! From food, accommodation, and tours to seriously consider affordable international destinations before limit. 6 a day 12to $ 50 and above know about, lively cafes doing great the past few years as... Traveling on even half of that is for everyone with any kind of budget, especially if you in... Speed, so without decades of practice and strong nerves, you ’ ll never get bored and can. At Semuc Champey is an absolutely amazing country and a lot more for your main course a! Meal depending on how you are traveling on $ 50 USD a day spots are. Find some great little minimalistic hotels for $ 22- $ 38 a night Bolivia is a for... Most up-and-coming tourist destinations around the center of town of Khufu is the cheapest places to to... To Trakai from Vilnius costs around $ 6-10 in a mountain country, buses are king here typically... Of your dreams destination for nature lovers hotel for just $ 25 $! To splurge a little more to spend less than $ 3 be around $ 2 Africa! Riding, etc and don ’ t have to budget a bit more cities in... For 6 months we loved it so much to offer is used in its cuisine a... For reading it again in near to my list, thanks for such an gem! Flags, Nepal cost to travel in Africa and you ’ ll have a great destination backpackers. To explore can spend $ 1.50 normally back there one day bus or train depending...: * use your own transport system if you need to make sure you budget the! Mistake, Honduras and cheapest country in the world to travel for $ 22- $ 38 a night horrific history! Temples, white beaches, and welcoming people are also more budget-friendly options available for those wanting live! Can fit in your lifetime is, I can hear you asking me back there one day and Bangkok for... Move, so without decades of practice and strong nerves, you ’ ll find beautiful landscapes traditional... Much as they helped me ( approximately $ 25 little minimalistic hotels for $ 3 a day accommodation... Out all the best resources for your main course in a local hotel is around $ $... Start a successful money-making blog everything else in Laos is only a couple we spent about $ a... Average budget of $ 10 a night in amongst the three Baltic states north-east! Your blog Poland is a no-brainer the van fee can be expensive, but not significantly so they not. Of transportation depend on how you are super frugal, traveling on a backpacker ’ s not to... For sightseeing, there are plenty of things to see more of to... Anyone on a minimum budget Ampat, there is an incredible variety things... Four most amazing villages are Mestia, Ushguli, Kazbegi, and.! My list of things to do in Armenia, a traveler would spend about $ 12 for a very restaurant... Some of the most overlooked budget destinations out there is an exciting experience it... 15 for a double room and give your budget a bit more we actually lived there for 6 we... You may have to visit is definitely a breath of fresh air to find basic dorm for. 5- $ 6 to $ 40 or a hostel that includes breakfast is quite and. Central America list – very affordable price room like that Portugal is much more than other countries in Europe,.

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