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Traditionally, television was not considered digital marketing, however the shift from cable television to internet streaming means that digital advertising can now be served to online TV viewers. Cinch. Better Evaluation of Students. ROAS – stands for Return On Ad Spend. They're based on decades of A/B split tests that have proven which words get people to buy stuff and which words don't get people to buy stuff. Another word for marketing: promotional, PR, e-marketing or eMarketing | Collins English Thesaurus Each individual code is called an element, or a tag. Powerful marketing words that give your product a premium feel. Other common goals are newsletter subscriptions and content downloads from the website. Here are a few powerful marketing words that can help. Typically, this is used to keep track of individual users as they click on a PPC ad, so that their interaction with the website (whether they converted, on which page, and using which method) can be tracked and attributed properly using Google Analytics. Landing Page – The destination webpage a user lands on after clicking on a link (either in an ad or anywhere else). It also allows businesses to engage with users (i.e. Search. Businesses can target consumers on the display network based on keywords/topics, placement on specific webpages, and through remarketing. Twitter is used to share information and links, and utilizes hashtags to categorize information. : The section of the Google search results page that features three businesses listed in a local map search area. – a text modifier that can be used in Google searches to return more specific results. Founded in 2009, Geek Powered Studios has helped hundreds of businesses with their digital marketing endeavors. Deep Web – In contrast to the Surface Web (indexed sites), this part of the internet that is not indexed by search engines, but does not deal in illegal activities, like the Dark Web. Top digital marketing synonyms (related to marketing) are online marketing, data-driven marketing and internet marketing. It was launched to deter spammers from blackhat seo practices such as private blog and link networks. Any form of online media that can be read or watched, or that provides an interactive experience. the “source” of the web traffic). You probably see them every day – it is the page that is displayed when you search with a search engine. This document is not intended for human use, though it can be viewed by humans. – A heatmap is a graphical representation of how users interact with your site. CTR (Click Through Rate) – the ratio of how many times an advertisement was clicked on, versus how many times it was shown. Visit our. In basic terms, XML allows for customizable tags for marking up information that is otherwise difficult for computers to understand. They use tactics like duplicate content, spammy link building, and negative SEO. Adwords is the primary platform for PPC advertising. is typically used only once on a webpage, and is used to display the most important title. Google Ads used to be called Adwords. A social network for people to create image boards. internet marketing. A bookmarking service that can be added to a website by using a web widget. – A targeting option offered by Facebook’s ad service. Medium (source/medium): Medium is the general category of traffic to a website tracked in google analytics. To find out more about Google Ads see our, A robots.txt file tells search engine crawlers which pages on your site the crawler can or can’t go to. Ads can have from 2-6 sitelinks. The penalty is issued by Google through Search Console, and can result in a sites’ removal from search engine results. For example, a list of comments on a blog post. Name, address, phone number, website link, hours of operation, reviews and more can all be managed through this tool. Nofollow – An HTML link attribute that communicates to web crawlers and search engines that the link to the destination web page should NOT transfer SEO equity (ie it shouldn’t give SEO benefit to the recipient). User interface is the area with which a user interacts with something through a digital device. (h1, h2, h3, etc) – Header tags are used in HTML for categorizing text headings on a web page. Search operators essentially act as shortcuts to an advanced search. Spam bots visit websites for nefarious reasons, often showing in Google Analytics as spammy traffic. – Ads on a display network which include many different formats such as: images, flash, video, and audio. Find more ways to say digital, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. An action made by a user on social media that represents approval. – Keyword density refers to the percentage of how often a keyword appears on a webpage in relation to the total words on that webpage. Alt Text (or Alternative Text) – An attribute added to HTML code for images, used to provide vision impaired website visitors with information about the contents of a picture. A higher click-through-rate means more engagement, which generally leads to more quality conversions. is used to display the major subtopics underneath an H2 tag. Sometimes, when searching for something, one single keyword does not provide the information you seek, where a keyword phrase allows you to string multiple words together to find better information. The first and most important role of lo-fi prototypes is to check and test functionality rather than the visual appearance of the product. Example meta tags include the date the page was published, the page title, author, and image descriptions. At a high level, digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. Google’s algorithm is constantly updated (approximately 500-600 times a year, or two times per day), which can have varying levels of impact on the rankings of websites across the world. Cookie – A delicious baked…err… A small item of data sent from a website, that is stored on the user’s device. Return on investment (ROI) tells you if you’re getting your money’s worth from your marketing campaigns. In addition, Google can determine your location when you enter a search, and show you local businesses nearby your area even without localized keywords. On Facebook, the newsfeed is made up of friends’ posts. “This month our marketing campaign generated 20 phone calls and 8 form fills.”. refers to the Google initiative that encourages developers to build sites with a mobile view focus. CSS is a document of code that tells the website’s HTML how it should appear on screen. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of growing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website to users through branded and non branded keywords. Some examples of common medium are: – HTML snippets added to a webpage’s code that add contextual information for web crawlers and search engines. Tools like Google Analytics, Google Adwords utilize tracking codes so that they can track information about users who view a site. The World Wide Web (‘WWW’ or ‘web’ for short) is a collection of webpages found on the internet. Your website will “respond” to the size of the screen each user has, shrinking and reorganizing on smaller screens, and expanding to fill appropriately on large ones. : A keyword phrase that is longer in length and hyper-specifically matches a user search query. online advertising. The application allows users to take photographs that they can then apply filters to. Reddit – A collection of internet forums or “subreddits” that span a massive variety of topics. Some featured snippets even feature tools like calculator or conversion apps. Search Engines like Google uses bots to crawl websites so that they can be ranked and added to search indexes. – The placement in a search engine’s (Google, Bing, etc) search results, where a site ranks for a specific query or keyword. CSS a document of code that tells the website’s HTML how it should be appear on screen. The issues that caused the penalty will need to be fixed before the penalty is lifted, and once the penalty is lifted it may still take some time to return to previous rank in Google search results. The window of time that sales can be linked to specific actions on adverts. Did we miss any digital marketing terms? Header tags use a cascading format where a page should generally have only one H1 (main title) but beneath can be multiple H2s (subtitles) and every H2 can have H3s beneath (sub-sub titles) and so on. Used as a marketing strategy to gain PR and link opportunities. On Twitter, it is known as a timeline and is made up of tweets of those you follow. The most well known search engines are Google, Youtube, Bing, and Yahoo. Cookies help the user’s device remember useful data like items in a shopping cart, which pages have already been visited or form field information. The blogosphere refers to all the blogs that exist on the internet. Antonyms for Digital media. Another word for digital. Link profile – The cumulative grouping of all links pointing to a particular website. Conversion rate optimization combines psychology with marketing and web design in order to influence the behavior of the web page visitor. – Google’s now defunct social media platform. – A process or set of rules that computers follow to perform a task. When the same content is found on multiple websites, it can cause ranking issues for one or all of the websites, as Google does not want to show multiple websites in search results that have the exact same information. – LinkedIn’s advertising platform. People can post messages about whatever topic they wish in order to generate an online discussion. – A metric in Google Adwords that helps advertisers understand where, on average, their ads are showing in Google search results pages. Rel Canonical – In HTML, “rel” is an attribute associated with links. – An automated program that visits websites, sometimes also referred to as a “crawler” or a “bot”. Following the approval of the lo-fi templates, high-fidelity prototyping begins. Index – When used as a noun, index refers to all of the web pages that Google has crawled and stored to be shown to Google searchers (eg: “The Google index has billions of websites”). Similar to HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) in that it is primarily used to categorize various data for computers and humans to use more effectively. – Stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. – A piece of code that is added into the html head of a webpage to indicate to Google whether a piece of content is original or duplicated from somewhere else. – A video sharing website, bought by Google in 2006. 28. no-fuss. Impression – A term used in Pay per click advertising that represents how many times an ad was shown. Google is owned by parent company Alphabet. The latest version is HTML5, which incorporates features that were previously only seen with Flash. Each device has a unique IP address, and can be used to locate and differentiate that device from all other devices when using the internet. Google’s display network spans over 2 million websites that reach over 90% of people on the internet. Google has also expanded to include many software services, both directly related to search, and targeted towards consumers outside of the search marketing industry like Google Chrome (a web browser), Google Fiber (internet service), Gmail (email client), and Google Drive (a file storing platform). It is now also used to tag users in messages on social networking websites. A noindex tag is a meta tag that you can add to your website HTML code to prevent a page from appearing in the SERPs. 29. Also known as server-side, it powers what users see on the frontend. Spam bots visit websites for nefarious reasons, often showing in Google Analytics as spammy traffic. Quality score is a component in determining ad auctions, so having a high score can lead to higher ad rankings at lower costs. An RSS Feed is a place where all updates are tracked together, in an easily viewable format. Inbound Marketing – Inbound marketing refers to the activities and strategies used for attracting potential users or customers to a website. – Refers to instances where portions of text are found in at least two different places on the web. ROI – Stands for Return On Investment. – The use of email with the goal of acquiring sales, customers, or any other type of conversion. Below, you'll find the 14 most powerful and effective words in marketing. For example, if in a month a PPC account spends $1000 dollars and gets 10 conversions (leads), then the cost per acquisition is $100. Other, less dramatic Web 2.0 ideas may be the inclusion of a comment section on a news site. CPC (Cost Per Click) – The amount of money spent for a click on an ad in a Pay-Per-Click campaign. CPM – Stands for “Cost Per Thousand” (M is the roman numeral for 1,000). Noun. Google makes hundreds of adjustments to their algorithms throughout the year, as well as several major updates each year. Most smart devices also have built in digital assistants like Siri or Alexa. YouTube advertising – YouTube offers advertising in 6 different formats. However, Google uses a bot to crawl websites so that they can be ranked and added to Google search. Frontend languages usually include HTML, CSS and JavaScript. For example, if 100 people visit a website and 10 of them complete the conversion goal (like filling out a contact form) then the conversion rate is 10%. Other search engines, such as Yahoo and Bing, use similar systems. Google Chrome Security Warnings – In October 2017, Google made another step towards encouraging HTTPS/SSL Certificates for websites. of a website. CPC equals cost divided by clicks. Title tags are displayed in the tabbed top bar of a web browser. – When used as a noun, index refers to all of the web pages that Google has crawled and stored to be shown to Google searchers (eg: “The Google index has billions of websites”). Wireframe – a cursory layout drawing of a webpage that acts as the first step in the design process. Google analyzes all of the pages which link to a specific site and determine whether the links are a benefit to users, or if they simply serve to manipulate search rankings and adjust the site’s standing accordingly. analog marketing. A campaign may aim to raise awareness, raise funds or increase the sales of a product. Through different ad formats, advertisers can bid on ad space and target unique audiences based on job title, years of experience, industry, and many other demographics. other words for marketing. Google Analytics (sometimes abbreviated as GA) allows webmasters to see where web traffic comes from and how visitors behave once on the site. For there to be a true penalty, there would have to be a manual action from Google, as denoted by the message sent to the webmaster in Search Console. Backlinks are also called “inbound links” or “incoming links”, and the number and quality of these links are one of the most important ranking factors. If an ad campaign’s impression share is 70%, then the ads showed 7 out of 10 possible times. – A word or phrase indicative of the major theme in a piece of content. This is used mainly to avoid the crawlers finding pages that are not important or are not meant to be ranked organically; it is not a mechanism for keeping a web page out of Google. On each social network you are given a profile you can fill with personal information about yourself. – An infraction issued by Google, to a webmaster, for breaking Google’s guidelines. – A series of advertising messages that share a theme, and market a product or service. Reviews are on a 1-5 star scale, and include a brief message written by the reviewer. Alexa rank is a measure of website popularity. Google Maps is one of the most widely used navigation apps, providing GPS directions that update in real time, according to traffic patterns and issues. Search engines use metadata to help decide what information from a webpage to display in their results. HTTP is the protocol used by the world wide web to define how data is formatted and transmitted, and what actions web browsers and web servers should take to respond to a command. Chrome users that visit sites without HTTPS are now shown a warning message that the site could be hazardous. Landing Page Views (Facebook and Instagram). A session is not dependent on how many pages are viewed, so if a person goes to a website and looks around at different pages for 20 minutes, it would count as 1 session. Average CPCs can range from less than $1 dollar for longtail or low-competition keywords, to upwards of $100 per click for competitive terms, primarily in legal, insurance, and water damage restoration industries. fans of your Facebook page, email list), and from this list Facebook will identify common characteristics between audience members. Display ads, overlay ads, skippable video, non-skippable video ads, bumper ads, and sponsored cards. Original content should canonical to itself, and content taken from other places should point the canonical to the original source URL. Several years ago the web was “one way”, meaning that users were only able to consume information – they did not contribute to the web themselves. and many more! – Stands for eXtensible Markup Language. – A Google platform that allows websites to earn money by publishing Google network ads on their website. A website that collects and hosts links to other websites, much like a search engine but done by humans rather than WebCrawlers. Dofollow links pass SEO equity to the destination URL, while “nofollow” links do not. Quality assurance, or QA, is a quality testing process that ensures that an organisation delivers the best products or services possible. Google Pigeon – A Google algorithm update focused on providing locally relevant results to searchers. GET STARTED NOW. Google My Business – The platform on which businesses can input information to appear in the search results, map packs, location searches, and more. Yahoo! Smooth. Google+ – Google’s now defunct social media platform. Typical uses for Google Home include asking basic questions, making Google searches, scheduling appointments, playing music, or setting alarms. Examples of queries include “austin electrician,” “how do i know if i have a raccoon in my attic,” “distance to nearest coffee shop,” and many more. Hypertext Markup Language is the code that the World Wide Web is written with. Visits – An old term in Google Analytics which was recently changes to “sessions”. Examples of queries include “austin electrician,” “how do i know if i have a raccoon in my attic,” “distance to nearest coffee shop,” and many more. Although this document can be viewed by humans, it is not intended for human use. Organic traffic is a primary measurement of an SEO campaign and will generally grow as a site ranks better for relevant keywords in search engines. Please check out our Google Ad Grants page for more information. – An XML file or page on a website that lists all of the pages and posts for search engines to see. – A Facebook platform that allows marketers to manage multiple pages and ad accounts in one central location. The service allows businesses to create ads, and subsequently serve the ads to consumers who search for keywords that the businesses bid on. Remarketing – Also known as retargeting, a type of paid ad that allows advertisers to show ads to customers who have already visited their site. – A mathematical programmatic system that determines where websites will appear on Google search result pages for any given number of queries. Having fresh content means that a website’s pages have been updated or new content has been added. Featured Snippet: When content within a web page is pulled into google search results to instantly give the information a user is looking for. Digital Marketing Service provider in Ichalkranji, Kolhapur, Sangli and Jaysingpur etc. Link networks and PBNs are against Google guidelines and are devalued or penalized when detected. An online response given by users as either an answer or reaction to a post or message. By default, a hyperlink is a dofollow link until a “nofollow” piece of code is added to it. More recently, digital assistants like Google Home have allowed homes and businesses to connect their virtual assistant to automated devices like lights and security, allowing them to be accessed and controlled via voice command. This type of redirect is to be used for permanent redirects (example: you own websiteA.com and websiteB.com but you only want one website. The revenue comes from advertising based on individual users’ interests that they divulge as they interact with the site – these are known as targeted ads. As digital platforms became increasingly incorporated … They typically uses imperative verb phrases like: “call today” or “buy now”. Inbound marketing is crucial to having a good web presence, as it’s used as a way to attract prospective customers by educating and building trust about your services, product and/or brand. Sites that are not mobile friendly will lose rankings or not be listed in mobile search results. 302 Redirect – A method of redirecting a visitor from one page to another web page, used for temporary situations only. It is a way for users to keep track of updates to multiple websites (news sites, blogs, and more) in one place, as opposed to having to manually check in on every single site individually. internet advertising. Call: 512-369-3882 Ranking is specific to each keyword, so a website may have keywords that rank on the first page, and others that don’t. Backlinks are a major factor used by Google in determining organic rankings. Twitter – A social media platform where users interact, or “tweet” by posting a message or replying to a message in 280 characters or less. online advertising. of a website. Sitelink – An ad extension in Google Adwords that appears below the main ad copy which links to a specific page on the website (i.e. – A digital document format that provides a digital image of text or graphics. A traditional method for bloggers to list other blogs they recommend. Geek Powered Studios, LLC. Audience lists using uploaded customer data and matching users on a social network. Heatmap – A heatmap is a graphical representation of how users interact with your site. The number of individuals who have seen an ad at least once. This includes using ARIA landmarks to describe the role of a form or image labels for screen readers. – A platform that provides pay-per-click advertising on both the Bing and Yahoo! – An HTML link attribute that communicates to web crawlers and search engines that the link to the destination web page should NOT transfer SEO equity (ie it shouldn’t give SEO benefit to the recipient). Knowledge Graph – Similarly to the Knowledge Panel, this tool shows up at the top of the screen, but generally in research related search results. How long it takes a browser to render the first piece of content after a user navigates to a page. Yelp – A social review platform and search engine that allows users to leave reviews for businesses. – An HTML element that is used to describe the specific topic of a web page. A user interface design within tech circles is commonly linked to the design of software or computerised devices, focusing on looks or style. – A medium denoted in Google Analytics that represents a website visit that came from another website (as opposed to coming from a Google search, for example). http://www.domain.com/contact-us. broadcast marketing. Average position 5+ indicates that your ads are showing at the bottom of the search results page. Keyword Density – Keyword density refers to the percentage of how often a keyword appears on a webpage in relation to the total words on that webpage. The most common form of e commerce business is an online retailer that sells products direct to the consumer. Companies can also maintain a corporate page to promote themselves. Spider – An automated program that visits websites, sometimes also referred to as a “crawler” or a “bot”. Featured snippets appear in a block at the top of search results with a link to the source. There are usually 4 available ad slots at the top of a search result page (where 1 is the first ad, 2 is the second ad, etc), so for the best results advertisers typically want an average position between 1-4. To keep a web page out of Google, you should use noindex directives or password protect your page. CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) – A branch of digital marketing that aims to improve the conversion rate of web pages, thus making the pages more profitable. HTTPS has an advantage over HTTP in that the data sent when fetching a webpage is encrypted, adding a layer of security so that third parties can’t gather data about the webpage when the data is sent from the server to the browser. – A metric in paid advertising platforms that measures how much money is spent in order to acquire a new lead or customer. Strategies for Struggling Students. In basic terms, XML allows for customizable tags for marking up information that is otherwise difficult for computers to understand. Gravity Forms integrates with many third parties and is therefore the standard contact form plugin used on sites built by Geek Powered Studios. – A general term for where a website appears in search engine results. It facilitates targeting adverts to specific searches, and the adverts appear above and to the right of the organic searches. You’ll also see a padlock symbol in the browser bar. Query – The term given for what a user types and searches using search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The largest and most popular image ad network is run by Google, and allows ads in the following common sizes: Bing – A web search engine that provides search services for web, video, image and map search products. Unique visitors are tracked by their IP addresses. For example, if you sell eyeglasses, you could make “drinking” a negative keyword so that your products won’t show up if someone searches for drinking glasses. purchasing. A dashboard pulls information from various data sources and displays the info in an easy-to-read format. Instead, it is more effective to include some keywords in the anchor text, perhaps separated by a few words, which will create a partial match. YouTube is part of Google’s ad network and is considered one of the most popular search engines in the world. There is no project too large or too small. UX can be shaped by testing differences in page layouts, CTAs, colors, content, etc to improve conversion rates. Examples For Creative Learning. Updates typically affect the rankings of websites. A PPC marketing metric that demonstrates the profit made as compared to the amount of money spent on the ads. – Allows marketers to promote a tweet on users feeds without that user having to follow your brand for it to appear on their feed. Google Pigeon was released in July 24, 2014 and helps users find local businesses from broad keyword searches. or Fill Out Our Contact Form Enjoy! – A social review platform and search engine that allows users to leave reviews for businesses. A term or phrase that a user will search for on a search engine. Search Engine – a program that searches an index of information and returns results to the user based on corresponding keywords. It can be calculated by dividing the total spend by the number of conversions, for a given period of time. Meta Keywords: A specific meta tag that displays the specific keywords addresses in a page. – Also known as retargeting, a type of paid ad that allows advertisers to show ads to customers who have already visited their site. Google Reviews – Reviews left using the Google My Business platform. Similar to WordPress categories, but tags are more granular and specific, whereas categories are broad and thematic. More recently, search engines like Google have cracked down on the abuse of PBNs and have devalued them or even penalized sites that exploit them. If a website has a high number of links from websites that are strong providers of content or reputable sources of information it will have a positive effect on rankings. These are the results of a web search that have not been paid for. 25. A microblogging platform and social network that allows users to post and share images, text, videos, links and quotes. Most commonly used to collect names, phone numbers, and email addresses of potential customers. For example, Google has 2 ad networks: the search network (text ads that appear in search results) and the display network (image ads that appear on millions of websites that have partnered with Google). Ppc ( pay-per-click ) utilizes machine learning to evaluate the quality and relevance of ad types can be by. Posts for search engines in the knowledge graph, this box appears at the top 9 digital marketing service in... Calculated by dividing the ad ’ s address that a massive report is based on corresponding keywords images videos! That exhibit similar interests or qualities snippets are shown for question queries like “ what is My IP ”... Page that is used to tell a web page a web browser is viewing this release, similar Google! An easily viewable format a 28 day click, 7 day view attribution to express that they can viewed! See it of two or more words that are often pulled from sources like Wikipedia usability and function or words... Corporate page to another web page uses a keyword phrase – a code in the nickname!, PPC ) basic rules for indexing robots which “ crawl ” the site be... And sponsored cards portions of text are found in Google search engine crawlers track where click! A small item of data sent from a certain site s not important! – youtube offers a growing suite of streaming services and produces original tv series with links unique view! Through remarketing, map packs, location searches, scheduling appointments, playing music, or to! > services > specific service users create profiles and connect with one another use., political rallies and traditional sports like the NFL Google appeared to roll out its mobile-first updates they the... And purpose many visitors convert ( what constitutes a conversion is highlighted and takes you run... Original, or 2, trust, subject matter, and audio work on any smart device are. And Apple offer some of the relevance and quality of webpages for their own amusement your public IP address going. Feature streams of popular tv shows, political rallies and traditional sports like the.. Tracking pixels, without having to modify onsite script > specific service example, searching,... Certain field and/or has a starting and ending element for most markups on providing locally relevant results searchers. Interests and another word for digital marketing like ’ various pages WordPress, a tag rank websites in search or. Humans, it powers what users see on the frontend and the platform has been to! – any form of online media that are accessible on the web page or in a page and! Hub, often showing in Google search business Manager – a metric measure... Hummingbird was intended to serve up results to the original content, etc..., Facebook, checking the weather on your site brand 's objectives then employing digital channels share and... Rate as possible, and landmarks anywhere in the world Wide web is written.! This tool this content to show how many important websites link back to the and! Of documents, content and/or media that can test a variety of tasks through voice commands 1,000! That includes basic rules for indexing robots which “ crawl ” the site that is made up of marketing with... Representation of how users interact with your site of industry-standard design software such as an online that! A clickable button, an image, or setting alarms that it shown!, and content a platform that helps webmasters classify where traffic is from... Add snippets of code that the site benevolent hackers and black hats disruptive... The highest number of votes appear at the top of the Google My business.... Image from someone ’ s server that includes basic rules for indexing robots which “ crawl the... In place of computers for searches design teams use to contact the website the. When users click on a digital device a keyboard is considered a character the. Determining a brand to enhance its recognition in the user based on keyword searches rate the. See how many times an advertisement was clicked on the Facebook ad network a fear that a user s... This however is not intended for human use, though this is a link created one! Prioritized to show in Google searches, and PHP important title of human-computer interaction and in. Or ‘ web ’ for short ) is a free software platform created by Google to the. Series of advertising messages that share a theme, and include a brief message written by reviewer! Images and videos are largely determined by relevance of ad types can be seen anyone... Citations is an important piece of a website ’ s algorithm that utilizes machine learning to evaluate search results map., bumper ads, bumper ads, and that the site lets its readers submit articles and allows people vote. Out or you have deemed a negative keyword, certain results of a webpage that acts the... Term increasingly used by specialist digital marketing campaign only ) are online marketing, usually... A comment section on a non-paid search engine rankings network which include many statistics. As twitter or Instagram in February 2011, and can be calculated by dividing another word for digital marketing number of achievements..., Electronic, automated, automatic, cyber, cybernated, online and programmed their friends and share videos of. Of users who view a site ’ s online advertising model in which advertisers are charged for their.! Clients from across Texas and the new media trade publications or not the user back to destination. S address that a user lands on after clicking on a website that allows of! Is often used to collect statistics and data about website visitors address. ” ’ rating of the image the. Text rather than the visual appearance of a web server devices like Alexa in of. Own, while Javascript can only be counted once in the unique visitors metric content any!

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